Sunday, 29 November 2009


I got this from digital spy, which rulesssssssssssss:

Hands up who still has a smile on their face following Primeval's recent resurrection? As it goes, you're not alone: someone else excited by the prospect of a further two series (not to mention a US version and a movie) is creator Adrian Hodges.

Recently, Tube Talk caught up with the man himself to find out what we could about the Primeval franchise. In short, Hodges has planned the storylines for the 13-episode fourth/fifth season and promises to address that season three cliffhanger straight away - but it might not leave all fans happy..

The US spinoff is apparently "very much on the agenda" and details of the movie are "very nearly finalised".

There's a video of this interview here

Squeeeeeeeeeeees so who is really really really really excited about Primeval, I am! Please leave comments in the cbox.

Laila's through to the Quarter final

Laila Rouass, aka Sarah Page from Primeval, has made it through to next week in Strictly Come Dancing. Those who thought she wouldn't do well have been proved wrong. She got 31/ 40 for her Charlston, a new dance for Strictly and she got 8/10 for her group Viennesse Waltz, this was the first group dance to be marked on Strictly too.
Natalie Cassidy and Vincent left the competition, as they ended up in the dance off with the bookies favourite Ricky Whittle. Laila is now through to the qaurter final, but will she get through to the semi-final?? We'll have to watch and wait.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Injured Laila

Laila Rouass injured her foot/ ankle yesterday before Strictly Came Dancing came on. As you may know Laila has managed to get through to week 9 of Strictly. Jade Johnson was also injured and she couldn't perform. Laila decided that she wnated to perform, so she did. Unfortunately she lost it near the end due to the terrible pain in her foot. Anton had to carry her over to the judges.

The Judges only scored her 22/40, although most judges (NOT CRAIG) gave Laila a 6 or more for waht she had done before the mishap. Despite being bottom of the leader board Laila was voted through to the next round, leaving Ricky and Erin and Phil and Katya in the bottom two. Phil went out.

Meanwhile, Bruce Forsyth was ill yesterday so Tess was in charge with help from Ronnie Corbet and Claudia Winklemen.

Again, meanwhile, The Waters of Mars airs tonight! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY *DIES*

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


I found this report on digital spy:

Douglas Henshall has predicted that Primeval will have a bright future following its recent revival.

The 43-year-old actor, who left his role as palaeontology expert Nick Cutter in the last series, told the Chester Chronicle that he can understand why the dinosaur drama has proved so popular with fans.

"I thought that the writing was good enough and the premise was good enough, [and] if people liked it, it could go pretty much as long as it liked," Henshall explained.

"As long as people had faith in it who were making it, then I thought it would be fine. It taps into an eternal thing in young people, dinosaurs, monsters and myths and legends."

He continued: "I went to the Natural History Museum the other week with my niece, she's in her twenties, she's not a kid, but we had to go down there because I thought she should see it. Me and my partner, the three of us were walking through the dinosaur exhibit and kids, boys and girls were queuing and queuing to see this big Tyrannosaurus Rex and you think, 'What is it about dinosaurs?'."

Primeval was axed after three series in the summer. However, the show was later granted a reprieve thanks to a new co-production deal involving ITV, UKTV and international broadcasters.