Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Episode 1 Ratings

Nabbed this off digital spy:
The UK television premiere of the fifth season of Primeval was watched by 315k (1.4%) on Watch in the 8pm hour.

Oooh errr, looks like they've lost about 4 million viewers :/ Of course the main reason is that only about 30% of people have Watch, and due to them having several hundred other channels, they may not have known Primeval was on. Then it is on a Tuesday night, which may have confused some, but then again it would have got even less views if it was up against Doctor Who and BGT. Yah so... hope this doesn't mean no series 6... we'd all better watch Series 5 again when it's on our normal channel. With the amount of promotion Watch have done they may have been expecting slightly higher figures, but to be honest if ITV did the same amount of promotion then it would have had far more viewers than normal, but then ITV axed it cus they're morons. -__- Rant over.

Sorry for those who haven't seen it yet. Please don't post big spoilers on the cbox... tvblinkbox tis all I'm saying.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New Banner

Hey everyone! I'm just posting to thank Emma for the new banner, which is brilliant!! So thank you Emma! Anywayy, the first episode of Series 5 will appear on Watch tonight at 8pm, featuring new character April, a Giant Mole Bug from the future, and Abby finding something out about Matt...

The new Primeval game, meanwhilesome, can be found here:

Go shoot some dinosaurs! ;D

Monday, 23 May 2011

One Day Moree!!

No this post title does not refer to a song in a certain West End Musical, but refers to the fact that some of you have only one day left until Primeval ;D ;D I have already seen this episode and in my opinion its better than most Series 4 episodes, so I hope you enjoy it. A Youtube Primeval game is coming out tomorrow, exciting timess!
Today's unlocked content from the Primeval V Facebook Page was another computer animation of a creature from the mill, a raptor today. Saturday's was the Mole Bug from Episode 1, and Sunday's unlocked content is the shorter Watch launch trailer.

Anywayy... Looking forward to tomorrow I hope? ;) I'm not, its my last day of revision for Chemistry... :/ Oh and try to avoid major spoilers in the cbox cus a few of us may not see the episodes for another month or so...

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Digital Copy

I've been trying to work out a way to get this online after I was sent it, but I didn't know how... yeah I'm the opposite of a technological genius -__- This was the presspack I got at the Primeval screening... except a digital version.. yeah... you worked that out... Anyways I saw the link on facebook and Kabilan posted it on the cbox... so here it is:
Beware it contains spoilers... Obviously.

Friday, 20 May 2011

New Trailerr!!

If you ent already seen this from Facebook or the link Kabilan posted... well where have you beeen!?!?!?!?! This trailer is EPIC. It does lack a T-Rex though... but the Kaprosuchus is back! Wooopsicles! Yeah here is the official trailer from the people at Watch, made just because everyone on facebook was saying how much they wanted one! This is for us:

Today's unlocked content

Although, something big is promised for later... which has been confirmed by the Primeval V Facebook Page... here is today's unlocked content from Watch, for Day 5.... 4 days to go!! Here tis:

Primeval Film Is Happening!!!

Just nabbed this off digital spy, well exciting:

Primeval star Andrew-Lee Potts has claimed that a film adaptation of the series is still in the works.

It was reported in 2009 that Warner Bros. had acquired the screen rights to the sci-fi drama in a six-figure deal.

"The film is definitely happening," Potts told TV Choice. "It's being developed [and] the script has been written."

The actor, who plays Connor Temple in the ITV series, added that he is unsure if the proposed production will incorporate the original show's cast.

"As for our involvement, it's too early to say," he said. "It's more of an American thing because the rights have been sold to Warner Bros. It will be completely independent of the series."

Former Primeval star Lucy Brown previously suggested that a film version of the show would be "fantastic".

The fifth series of Primeval begins on May 24 at 8pm on Watch.


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Primeval V - Media Alert

Just got sent this by Sam from Watch! :


The explosive, time-travelling, dinosaur drama starring Andrew-Lee Potts and Hannah Spearritt returns for a 5th series exclusive to Watch (Sky 109, Virgin 124) on Tuesday 24 May at 8pm.

The eagerly anticipated series promises to be the best yet for Primeval fans and features more stunning special effects, adventure and incredible creatures, as the team at the ARC have their work cut out for them to police ruptured time anomalies, and the growing threat of entrepreneur Philip Burton, whose grip on the ARC is tightening with every episode.

The new series is a fast paced story set across 6 episodes where even more anomalies are making the lives of Connor, Abbey and the team even more chaotic – in fact there’s a crisis for everyone in the team. The only question is will all of them survive the new threats?

For exclusive content from the series and information about the show visit the Primeval Series 5 Facebook Page, where for the past month fans of the show have been enjoying, sharing and joining in the conversation and speculation with other Primeval fans across the globe.

Primeval Series 5 will start Tuesday 24th May at 8pm on Watch (Sky 109, Virgin Media 124).

Series 5 Trailer!! And other stuffage...

Firstly, thanks to Kabilan, we have the new trailer for Series 5, which is off Amazon, where you can already preorder Series 5 if you didn't know... Yeah, here it is:

Also, today's unlocked footage from the Primeval V Facebook Page is this rather cool clip from Episode 3 of Season 5, which you may remember is the one with the raptor... Anyway, is good clip of Jess and Abby :D

There's also a pic of the mutated future predator on Primeval Wiki, so be sure to check that out...
And also Lady GaGa's album is streaming online and it is truly the best album I have EVER heard. Just me who likes her here...? ;)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Sorry for not posting yesterday's unlocked content, a clip from Episode 3. Kabilan posted a link on the cbox, but I've been a bit busy with GCSEs, they are particularly nasty. Anywayy todays unlocked content from the Watch Primeval V page is a behind the scenes pic of Connor on what looks like a rocky surface of... the future maybe? ;)

A week till Primeval returns to our screens on watch... or computer screens as the case may be ;)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

New Photo and hrmmings

This is an on set picture of Ruth Bradley (Emily Merchant) and Steven Hoogan (her husband) from episode 3 of Primeval V. This is from the Primeval Watch Facebook Page, as today's unlocked content... howeverssss... on the facebook page it says Emily and Oliver Leek!!! Just a really bad typo? Or... is that something extremely spoilery!! Is Leek back but in another's body... ooh err... You decide!?! :P

Here's the picture:

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Just a thought....

Back to when Series 4 was in production, filming and the like, you may remember there being a post about a script excerpt that appeared on an interview with one of the producers. It mentioned a pod of Pliosaurs and a submarine. Sound familiar? Series 5 Episode 2 will feature this. Also, Danny was mentioned... so will we see him in Episode 2? Or has this since been changed...

Hmmmm.... discuss.

Sorry its late...

I'm sorry for not posting for a couple of days, but I'd better keep you up to date with everything. Firstly, here's todays unlocked content from the Primeval V Facebook Page:

A clip from Episode 2! With another glimpse of the Liopleurodon... They promised the biggest monsters, looks like we've got the biggest carnivore that ever lived...
Yesterday's unlocked content was an interview with Connor, and the day before's was a set picture, which shows Becker looking at something, holding his gun, while Matt holds Abby back... I may have seen that ep ;)

The next clip is thanks to Jess, this is the Series 4 trailer for Austrailia, I hope my posts aren't too spoilery for you guys :/ Anyway at the end of the trailer we can see the T-Rex, which I think is the only thing from Series 5 in there.

The last clip is another trailer for Series 5, thanks to Kabilan:

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New Clip

Today's piece of unlocked content from the Primeval V Facebook Page is a new clip from episode 2!! We catch a glimpse of the Liopleurodon!! Here tis:

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Well I can't find the article now, if anyone finds it please link on the cbox, but there is definately an interview with Hannah Spearrit somewhere saying that this may be the last series, due to the last episode, but she says viewers will not be dissappointed.

Arghh, I doubt we will be, but noooo hope its not the last series!! She didn't say it definately was, but I'm guessing she means that the last episode of this series would be a good place to end it? Hmm...

Poll Results...

I keep forgetting to do this, so I'll do it now! The results for the 'What monsters do you think will be in Series 5?' are as follows. Lets see who's right now we know the monsters!

T-Rex - 14 votes - Confirmed by Ben Mansfield, probably in Ep 5, good guess peoples!
Future Predator - 13 votes - Confirmed, you guys were right! Although, technically it's a hybrid
Helen Cutter - 7 votes - An old foe is returning, will it be her??
Raptors - 5 votes - Confirmed for Episode 3
G-Rex - 2 votes - Unlikely to appear
Terror Bird - 1 Vote - May have a brief appearance when Danny and Patrick return, never know
Megaopteran - 1 vote - Unlikely to appear, but Predator hybrids are, so you never know

New Download

Today's unlocked content from the Primeval V Facebook Page is a downloadable wallpaper of Jess from Series 5. According to her interview in the Presspack I got on Sunday, she will be getting out in the field more this series, we already knew she was going to use an EMD this series, but perhaps they will not be effective on the creatures in Episode 1? ;)

Anyway, here is the wallpaper, pretty sure its not from Episode 1, by the way, I love how Jess has never worn the same thing twice. Her job must be pretty well paid.

Monday, 9 May 2011

The Screening

As you may know, I was invited to the launch of the new series of Primeval at London Zoo yesterday, which was amazing!! I turned up a bit early, so we were allowed free access to the zoo before it was open! All the animals were actually awake. Including he sleepy old Lion...
Yeah, you don't care about that. Well we got a special souvenir Primeval press pack thing, which has interviews with the actors/actresses playing Abby, Connor, Matt, Lester, Philip, Becker, Jess and Emily (who by the way is definately back in the final, and I think is in Episodes 3-6). It also included a timeline, synopsi for the episodes, and details of the monsters in each episode. Most have already been revealed, but here they are:

Episode 1 - Giant Burrowing Insect (From future)
Episode 2 - Liopleurodon (Jurassic marine reptile, features in Walking with Dinosaurs) and Eustreptyspondylus
Episode 3 - Raptor
Episode 4 - Future Beetles (Swarm featured in clip)
Episode 5 - Aurognathus (Pretty sure T-Rex is in this episode too, as it mentions in the synopsis that there are reports of a 'huge' creature)
Episode 6 - Future Predator Hybrid

Yeah, so when we returned to the screening place, we were shown to the second floor, where there were refreshments laid out. Most people there were reporters, and friends and families of the production team. I know that creator Tim Haines was there, and one of the scriptwriters too. So then this man in a really cool dinosaur costume came out of this curtained area and went to the back end of the room, where people were taking photographs of it.

Also there were Hannah Spearritt and Andrew Lee-Potts, who proceeded to give autographs, I got Andrew's, until they had to go for interviews, but we were promised they'd be back later. Then it was time for the screening!
A woman from Watch introduced it, saying that Primeval Series 5 or Primeval V as it is referred too now, will have the best storylines and bigger, better creatures. Episode 1 did not dissappoint, it was brilliant! There was a funny Lester storyline, and we find out more about Philip's plans. New character April is also introduced, and I took an instant dislike to her...

I won't reveal anymore about the storyline, as I don't want to spoil, but I'm sure you'll all enjoy it. Afterwards, Hannah and Andrew were singing more autographs and I had conversation with Hannah and I got a picture with her! So cool!!!! ;D
Anyway, then we all had free access to the zoo, so we looked round, its well worth a visit, especially at 9am in the morning when we arrived ;)

Pictures to follow...

Been Busy

Hey everyone, really sorry I didn't get round to posting yesterday, but I'll probably do a few posts now! Yesterday's unlocked content was an on set picture of Hannah Spearritt, which can as usual be seen on the Primeval Series 5 Facebook website.
Today's unlocked content is a trailer for Series 5, which was on at the beginning of the screening yesterdayy. Anyway, Kabilan has posted it on youtube, so here it is:

Also, there has been rumour going round, and a few articles, one which was linked in the cbox, confirming that two characters are going to die and an old foe will return. I think we can guess that Burton will die, and I think Matt will too! Who do you think will die? The foe which is supposedly returning is, I reckon, Helen Cutter, as Burton has some kind of connection with her. This is mentioned again in episode 1 by the way...

Saturday, 7 May 2011

I'll speak tomorrow :D

Well, tomorrow I'm going to the exclusive Primeval VIP premiere!! Its rather exciting!! So I'll post when I get back tomorrow, but don't worry I won't spoil you! I may put some pictures off if I see/meet any of the cast! EEK. Yeah see ya guys!

New Clip

There is quite possibly a new clip from Episode 1 as today's piece of unlocked content on the Watch Primeval Facebook Page, it is rather exciting and you get a new look at the creature, which by the way looks amazing!! The special effects are like WOWDAHH, yeah I won't spoil anymore, go check out the clip ureself on Facebook! Link in sidebar.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Neww Content!!

Well, if you haven't already liked the Primeval Series 5 page on Facebook then why not?? You don't have Facebook? WHYNOT? Yeahh well there's some neww content on there(link at side). Yesterday's content was an interview with Ben Mansfield, who revealed his favourite creature to be Rex
Today's new content was this picture, which you can download as a wallpaper:

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

New Piccie

Paha, here's a newww picture from Series 5, Episode 2, with Connor and Matt fighting what looks like a swarm of something, perhaps that's the swarm we saw coming out of the anomaly in that clip... thing.
Yeah, so this came from the Primeval Watch Countdown Calender, be sure to check it out! :D (Link in sidebar, like to gain exclusive content... except it's not exclusive cus I've posted most of it on here...)

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

New Wallpaper

Yeahh, the new content from the Primeval Watch Facebook Countdown Calender (Bit of a mouth full), is a wallpaper of Matt Anderson from Episode 1 of Series 5! 21 Days 3 hours till Series 5!! ;)
Anywayy, here's the wallpaper:

Monday, 2 May 2011

And here's another video..

He's yesterday's video from the Primeval Facebook Countdown Calender (Link in sidebar). It malfunctioned, so I had to search for it... Yeah here tis:

Just Some Random News and Musings

For those who don't have Watch and aren't gunna watch Series 5 online cus your too good a person, well I've been hearing rumours that it is coming to ITV in the summer!

Also confirmed is that Series 5 will be released on DVD on July 4th, and you can already pre-order it from Amazon! So you only have about 5/6 weeks to wait if you don't have Watch.
Meanwhile, I reckon if Watch was on freeview or somert, it might even pull in more viewers than ITV did for Series 4 because of the massive promotion its getting. However, Watch will probably pull in so many more viewers than it normally does that hopefully Series 6 will be picked up. *Fingers crossed*

New Clip

The newest update from the Primeval Watch Facebook page (The countdown calender) is an exclusive clip from episode 1, showing Lester and what looks like an attack from the 'burrowing creature'.

Anyway, it's also on a certain someone's youtube account, so be sure to subscribe to him. Here it is:

He's also posted all of Series 4 on there, so those without the DVD can watch at your leisure! )Hope you don't mind me advertising your youtube account Kabilan! :L)