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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Lester's Quote of the Week:

Think of a Velociraptor, only better dressed'

Monday, 22 June 2009

The Primeval Awards!

Here are the results for the first few categories:

The Best Series 1 Character:

1st place: Nick Cutter

2nd place: Claudia Brown

3rd place: Abby Maitland

The Best Series 2 Character:

1st place: Jenny Lewis

2nd place: Nick Cutter

3rd place: Oliver Leek

The Best Series 3 Character:

1st place: Danny Quinn

2nd place: Captain Becker

3rd place: Christine Johnson

The Best Team Leader:

1st place: Nick Cutter

2nd place: Danny Quinn

3rd place: Jenny Lewis

The Best Villain:

1st place: Christine Johnson

2nd place: Oliver Leek

3rd place: Helen Cutter

Best Series 1 Episode:

1st place: Episode 1 (Gorgonopsid)

2nd place: Episode 5 (Pteranodon at the Golf course)

3rd place: Episode 6 (The Future Predator's debut)

Best Series 2 Episode:

1st place: S2 Episode 6 (Mammoth on the M25)

2nd place: S2 Episode 2 (The Worms in the Office Block)

3rd place: S2 Episode 7 (The one where Stephen and Leek die)

Best Series 3 Episode:

1st place: Episode 9 (Embolotherium, Helen returns)

2nd place: Episode 2 (Spooky House with Camouflage beasts)

3rd place: Episode 6 (Terror Birds, Christine takes over the ARC)

Best Opening Episode:

1st place: Episode 1 (1st ever Episode)

Best Final Episode:

1st place: Episode 12 (Mammoth)

2nd place: Episode 6 (Future Predator)

3rd place: Episode 9 (Embolotherium)

Thursday, 18 June 2009

4 weeks ago...

4 weeks ago this site opened! Thank you to everyone who has visited! Its hard to believe that 4 weeks ago we were looking forward to episode 9 of series 3, then there was the week without Primeval and then the final, which I saw 2 hours before most fans because I had already recieved the DVD. And yet now 4 weeks after the opening of this site, we find that Primeval has been axed, although there is still nothing on the ITV website. So has it really been axed, it seems odd that very many sites have reported it but ITV haven't(please tell me if they have).

Anyway this post is not about that its about you, the people who read this site. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and I promise to get some more interesting posts up soon, although it is unlikely that they will be news about a new series...


Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Twitter, Twitter

Right, I have managed to stop killing myself, to bring you some information. According to Digital Spy and some other sites Primeval has been axed because of its expensive computer effects. Many sites still say that Primeval being axed is a rumour. Meanwhile, on Twitter, ITV have not said anything about it being axed, just that it hasn't be recommissioned... yet.

Maybe we'll just have to wait for more than a year until another series of Primeval begins...

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


I AM FUMING BECAUSE I HAVE ONLY JUST REALISED THAT PRIMEVAL HAS ACTUALLY BEEN AXED! I thought at first it was just a rumour, as nothing had appeared on Digital Spy or any other official ITV websites, but then! I come on to Blogger and see that Primeval has really been axed.

I am really hoping that this is just one big fat lie, but it has appeared on news websites and several official websites too, as well as the reliable 'Telly and Film Guide'.

Everyone seems to be amazed and fuming at the news. It came as a huge surprise. Earlier on in the year there were rumours that it had been axed. So what its lost 1 million viewers, its much later on in the year, there are warmer nights. Apparently ITV want to focus on more adult dramas, well what does that leave us children and teenagers. I NOW OFFICIALLY HATE ITV! GRRRRRR I MAY BE FORCED SUICIDE UNLESS SOME PERSON FROM THE ITV ANNOUNCES IT HAS NOT BEEN AXED. ITV have also axed many popular shows recently including Heartbeat and Pushing Daisies.

What about the cliffhanger, they can't leave it like that, can they? We'll have to wait and see...

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Another poll gone by

Yes, the second poll on this site has ended, so lets see what you thought of the series 3 final. Well only one person thought that it was the best final yet, but 5 people thought it was very good. 3 people thought it was good and one person thought it was OK. The average result therefore iss.. very good...

Thank you all for voting and thank you everyone who has visited the site in its first few weeks.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Primeval Awards part 2!

This is the second list of Primeval Anomalies Primeval awards, this time based on the best episodes:

Best Series 1 Episode, out of:

All Series 1 Episodes...

Best Series 2 Episode,out of:

All Series 2 Episodes...

Best Series 3 Episode, out of (you'll never guess):

All series 3 Episodes!

Best Opening Episode, out of:

Episode 1
Episode 7 (Episode 1 series 2)
Episode 14 (Episode 1 Series 3)

Best Final, out of:

Episode 6
Episode 12 (Series 2 Episode 6)
Episode 13 (Series 2 Episode 7)
Episode 22 (Series 3 Episode 9)
Episode 23 (Series 3 Episode 10)

I have put both parts of the Series 2 and Series 3 Finales as different episodes, this is because you may have thought one episode was better than the other. Please leave your suggestions as before on the cbox or as a comment on this post. You can suggest who would win 1st, 2nd and 3rd. There are still two more awards posts to come before the awards are given out!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Some information....

I myself have not bought any of the Character Options Primeval Figures, although I have been tempted several times. As you may know, rumours have been circulating the internet about the Doctor Who figure collection changing from 5 inch to 3.75 inch next year, apparently it saves resources...

BUT! The new Doctor Who figures are not supposed to be released until next year, so what about Primeval? Primeval are in the same scale as the Doctor Who figures, does this mean they will be changing the scale of the figures too? If so, these figures probably won't be released till after the new Doctor Who ones are released, so that will be next year too... I'm sorry to say that if I am correct, the Series 3 Figures will not be released for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time. I'm still hoping that they don't change the scale for any of the ranges, but since no Doctor Who figures have been released in ages, I think it will happen. So in conclusion Primeval figure fans, there will not be a new wave of figures for a loooonnng time, maybe...

Primeval Awards: Characters

Now the 3rd series is over, it is time for the Primeval Awards! Here are the first five categories, all to do with characters:

Best Series 1 Character out of:

Nick Cutter
Stephen Hart
Connor Temple
Abby Maitland
Claudia Brown
James Lester
Helen Cutter

Best Series 2 Character out of:

Nick Cutter
Stephen Hart
Connor Temple
Abby Maitland
Jenny Lewis
Oliver Leek
Helen Cutter
Caroline Steel
James Lester

Best Series 3 Character out of:

Nick Cutter
Danny Quinn
Jenny Lewis
Sarah Page
Connor Temple
Abby Maitland
Captain Becker
James Lester
Christine Johnson
Helen Cutter

Best Team Leader out of:

Nick Cutter (Series 1, Series 2, series 3 episode 1-3)
Connor Temple (one off episode when Nick and Stephen are trapped in the Silurian, S2 Episode 5)
Jenny Lewis (Series 3 Episode 4 and 5)
Danny Quinn (Series 3 episode 6-10)

Best Villain out of:

Helen Cutter
Oliver Leek
The Cleaner
Caroline Steel
The Clones
Christine Johnson

Feel free to leave your suggestions for who should win each category (and come second and third, there will be second and third places) on the cbox or post them as comments.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Series 3 Finale Viewing Numbers

The Series 3 Final of Primeval has aired, as I'm sure you all already knew. Unless there are some people who are not Primeval fans, who have wandered upon this blog by mistake or accident.

The final achieved ratings of 4.32 million on Saturday Night, which was 22% of the people who were watching TV at that time. The whole series managed a 4.41 million avergae viewing rating, so less people watched the final than other episodes. The average, however, shows that less people are watching Primeval. Series 2 achieved an average of 5.74 million and series 1 achieved an average of 6.01 million.

So, why are less people watching Primeval? There aren't any other brilliant shows on, except Robin Hood, whose average is less than Primeval series 3's. Some think it may be because series 3 is longer, some people can't be bothered to watch Primeval every Saturday. Others think that it may be because of the Summer, Primeval is being shown later this year, and the weather recently has been very nice in Britain. Although today it was rainy.

Please leave a comment on what you think about the declining viewing numbers in Primeval. Maybe the Primeval Film will help boost ratings for series 4?

Meanwhile, there is an interview with Tim Haines on Digital Spy here which is well worth a read.

It can also be found on Whovian-guy's new Primeval site here, yes I'm starting a trend.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Episode 10!

Episode 10 has now aired and yes Helen died!...


Big cliffhanger at the end. Sarah has a plan? But what? Abby and Connor are stuck in the Cretacious, while Danny is stuck in the Pliocine. However, Helen's anomaly opening thing, is on the ground in the Cretacious. Perhaps Abby and Connor will find it save Danny and return to the future then the present. Hmmmm now we have to wait a very long time until series 4, unless the rumours about 4 Primeval specials in the Autumn are true...

I hope you all enjoyed the episode.

Friday, 5 June 2009

The Poll has ended

The first poll on Primeval anomalies has ended and we have recieved 10 votes! 4 go to Connor, played by Andrew-Lee Potts. 2 go to Abby, played by Hannah Spearritt and Lester, Sarah, Becker and Danny all got 1 vote respectively. I voted for Lester... because he is so funny...

Lester Quote:

'Two Cutter's, sounds like some kind of nightmare!'

Thank you all for voting on the poll and visiting the site!

DVD Stuff!

This post is all about the newwwww Primeval series 3 DVD, which includes episode 10, which I haven't watched yet, yay I'm not weak-minded! There are 3 DVDs in the package. The first one includes episode 1-4, the second includes episode 5-8 and the last one includes episode 9,10 and the DVD extras. There are 3 DVD extras on the DVD, audio commenterys (did I even spell that right?) and two newww films, once is called Cutter's Odysey, which is all about the Cutter, the other is about the Megaoptra, and the 16 year old who made them. This film goes through how they add creatures into live action and how they make the creatures move.

However, there has been a couple of dissappointments with this DVD. There is no 'Through the Anomaly', Primeval behind the scenes, which has been on the last two series box sets. Also on episode 6, at the dn of the episode when 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' should be played, it has been replaced by anjother song, which I do not think is as good. My friend Will (Will and Seb, Cullen and Swan, the Avatar Proclamation), thinks that the DVD company probably could not get the copyright for it, which is very annoying, you'd think that if the people who own 'Somewhere over the rainbow', would let the DVD have it after the episode got it.

I know I may be making a mountain out of a molehill, but the ending does not seem as brilliant as it did when it appeared on TV... Meanwhile the final of Primeval is tomorrow! Will I be able to stop myself from watching the DVD, wait and seeeeee

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Primeval series 3 Episode 10 Preview!!

Yes its the time of the week when I release a preview of the next episode of Primeval. Unfortunately it's the last of the series... waaaaaaaaaaaa

At the end of episode 9 Danny announced that they must follow Helen through a future anomaly and follow her wherever she goes. Sarah and Captain Becker have to fight the Megaoptera which are invading Christine Johnson's 'ARC'. Meanwhile, Abby, Connor and Danny go to the future where they follow Helen. They travel to the past where they are faced with the Raptors from series 2 ep 1, and a pteranodon, seen in series 1 episode 5. There's no sign of Lester, however, or of the ARC.

According to the Radio Times the series just stops, so that means there will be another one... yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Here is the cast list:

Danny Quinn: Jason Flemyng
Connor Temple: Andrew-Lee Potts
Abby Maitland: Hannah Spearritt
Helen Cutter: Juliet Aubrey
Captain Becker: Ben Mansfield
Sarah Page: Laila Rouass

As I said earlier there is no sign of Lester, so he probably won't be appearing. There is also no sign of anyone other than the team and Helen. No guest stars and nobody from Christine's ARC like Captain Wilder. According to the... Radio Times... Helen is trying to prevent humans from evolving, so she goes back 4 million years, which is when the first walking apes appeared.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Fanfic donations welcome

As you know I'm going to start a Primeval fanfic soon, with the first episode featuring a huge dinosaur called a diplodocus and a feisty Stegosaurus.

I also have a few other ideas brewing in my head at the moment. If anyone else would like to write a Primeval fanfic for this site, I'm sure everyone would love to read them, so if you wnat to write one then please leave a comment on the cbox and I'll get in touch.