Monday, 25 July 2011

Site Lockdown.

I know I only just got back onto the blog, but I'm going away again for a few weeks, so I'm really sorry but the site is going into lockdown for now. There isn't much primeval news at the moment though, so it doesn't really matter. See you! :)

Poll Results

Sorry for lateness, but the results for the polls are in:

Series 5 Episode 6: 90.62%
Series 3 Episode 10: 91.17%
Series 2 Episode 6: 76.47% (in my opinion seriously underscored)
Series 2 Episode 7: 79.17% (also underscored imo)

Well I would have thought Episodes 6 and 7 of series 2, which in most people's opinions is the best series so far, so I'm surprised that it hasn't done as well. I enjoyed Series 3 episode 10 but I thought it was the worst out of the 4, but that's my opinion, yours is obviously different...