Monday, 31 January 2011

5 days to go...

The final of Series 4 of Primeval is on in 5 days time! And I'm just a tad excited. Anway, I have a few bits of news for you. The last episode of Primeval received just 3.39m views which was 14.8% of the viewings for that time. This is one of the lowest overnight ratings Primeval has ever had. I'm sure the final will do better, right? RIGHT?? ;(

News article two is somert I nabbed off Digital Spy, here. Just something slightly random I found on there:

Primeval star Lucy Brown has admitted that a film version of the ITV series would be "fantastic".

It was reported in 2009 that Warner Bros. had acquired the screen rights to the show in a six-figure deal.

"[A film has been] talked about a lot," Brown told Den of Geek. "I remember having a discussion with [co-creator] Adrian [Hodges] two years ago, about where a film might go. But the script has to be written and approved. But I think that would be fantastic, and they should definitely do it."

However, the actress, who reprised her role as Jenny Lewis in Saturday's episode of Primeval, admitted that the project was unlikely to go forward "in the near future".

"All that stuff's beyond my control," she explained. "It's up to the higher powers."

The fourth series of Primeval concludes this Saturday at 7.30pm on ITV1.

And news article 3, also from dear digital spy:
Primeval star Andrew-Lee Potts has claimed that the show has improved since it began.

The fourth series of the sci-fi drama, which features Potts as science whiz Connor Temple, is currently airing on Saturdays on ITV1.

The actor told Total Sci-Fi: "I do think in this series Primeval really finds its feet. It's been a show that has perhaps strayed sometimes, as the producers and writers, and all of us on screen, have tried to work out what is best."

Potts suggested that the show's brief axe actually benefited the current fourth run.

He said: "With us having a year off, I think we were really able to nail down many of the key story points that people wanted to know."

He also praised the present series for returning focus to the scientific element of the show.

"One thing I like is they've brought the science back," he confirmed. "I mean obviously the action and monsters are fantastic, but we need the science in the show, because that’s how it all started."

Also, can I just say, why have we not been seeing more of thiss:

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Episode 5 - Calculations

According to the poll for episode 5, which has now finished, Episode 5 achieved an 80.4%, which is positive, although it has received the lowest feedback of the series, so according to you, the viewers, it was the worst episode in the series so far. Remember to vote on the poll for episode 6!

The series leaderboard is currently:
Episode 2 - 91.9%
Episode 4 - 87.8%
Episode 3 - 87.5%
Episode 1 - 86.8%
Episode 5 - 80.4%

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Episode 6 - My Thoughts

Well, I thought this was the best episode of the series, beating episode 4! I'm glad Jess got out and about, not to mention Jenny's return. Jenny got married. EEEK. So glad they haven't forgot everything with Claudia Brown, and Cutter and everything. I like it when they revisit stuff. The monsters were quite freaky, but I didn't think the cubs were very well CGId... or that might just be me. Loved the bit when the guests all awed at the cub and then screamed when the adults arrived...

Next week's looks amazing! Even though Danny weren't in the trailer. All the anomalies appearing, and the terror birds are back! They look a bit different, maybe they're a different species, or an updated versions of the ones from series 3. I can't wait till the next episode!!!
Yeah, so vote on the poll and please comment and give your thoughts on the episode! Not to mention what you thought about Gideon being Matt's father, and he died ;'( Was very sad.

Head over to...

Just a quick note to say head over to Emma's site, link here, adwdesigns, as there are some rather nice Primeval banners, so make sure you check out her site!

In other news, PRIMEVAL IS ON TONIGHT, JENNY LEWIS RETURNS. And do not read spoilers for the episodes they may kill any surprises... Yeah, I read spoilers. Dunno how some of them got on to the internet...

Friday, 28 January 2011

Interviewage with Jennifer Lewis, I mean Lucy Brown!

Nabbed this off digital spy, great site that! I can't wait for episode 6 tomorrow! Jenny Lewis is officially back! Well, for one episode anyways, and then the final! Anyway, here it is:

When we last saw Primeval's Jenny Lewis back in series three, she had turned her back on life in the ARC following a near-death encounter with a flesh-eating fungus creature! In this week's installment, Connor and Abbey run into their old friend, who has been keeping busy since her departure. We recently caught up with actress Lucy Brown to chat about Jenny's return, fighting off a rampaging Hyaenadon and the possibility of a comeback for her other Primeval character, Claudia Brown.

A quick warning - a few mild spoilers lie ahead...

What can you tell us about Jenny's return in this week's Primeval?
"Basically it's a complete coincidence and the team stumble upon her, on possibly one of the most important days of her life! Being a Primeval character, you can run, but you can't hide. Once you're in, you're in, no matter how hard you try to get out! So they literally bump into her in the basement of a stately home and it's the day before her wedding."

Do we find out what Jenny's been up to since she left the show?
"Absolutely. When she left in series three, it was to go and try and pursue a normal life of sorts, and revert to what she was just before we met her in series two. It's P.R. and back to that more glamorous life, and now she's engaged to a musician. Of course, running into Abby and Connor, old feelings are brought to the surface and there are conversations about Nick and the ARC. She never wanted to forget anybody, she just wanted to take control of her life again."

How did your return to the show come about?
"When Jenny left in series three, I had almost immediately a conversation with [co-creator] Adrian [Hodges] about the possibility of coming back for series four. Then of course, Primeval seemed to have been cancelled, which was very sad all round. But then I was very unsurprised when people rallied around to get it back on the air. Pretty much as soon as that started to happen, I was talking to Adrian again, and because they had commissioned so much of the show in advance, it was a case of scheduling and making things work. Everyone had their fingers crossed that this episode could even happen! Luckily it did, which was great for all parties concerned."

How did it feel playing the character again?
"It felt kind of the same, to be honest! As soon as I'm on the set with people like Andrew [Lee Potts] and Hannah [Spearritt], it feels like no time has passed. The first scene I shot for this episode is the first scene you see in this episode, when Andrew and I bump into each other. We were all in the make-up trailer chatting away. On-set, it was just immediate and like no time had passed whatsoever. Especially with Andrew and Hannah, who are very dear friends of mine, we have a kind of short-hand with each other, which makes things terribly easy! You just sort of get on with it, have fun together and it all comes alive."

Did the show feel any different because of the recent cast changes?
"Well, it was difficult, because I was in a more contained part of it. I literally was just working with Andrew and Hannah, and a bit of Ciaran [McMenamin] and the new character of Emily (Ruth Bradley), who pops up in my episode as well. Generally though I was just with Andrew and Hannah, and I wasn't in the ARC. I had nothing to do with that, so all of those new elements didn't really affect me. I was just with my mates again!"

Did it take a while to get used to performing with CGI effects again?
"No! Once it's in your blood, it's in your blood. I think it's been so many years of doing this now that you know what's expected and you know what you have to do. We're so used to it now. Also, CGI is used in so much nowadays. Halfway through last year, I was doing a TV movie out in Europe with Dean Cain and that was all CGI creatures. I'm just the monster girl! I can do a really good terrified face for nothing! But it's so much part of the business now that it's good to have this training. It's very helpful."

How did you feel when the show was originally axed, given that you'd already left at that point?
"I was sad for it, because it's such a massive part of my life and has been for many years. I felt sorry for it, although I thought the work we'd done up till then was excellent. I thought for a show in that timeslot on Saturday night, it was an excellent piece of entertainment and I think it was sad to lose it. However, as I said, I was unsurprised that it was so quickly rescued. We are now completely global. We have fan-mail that comes in from all over the world, so when people came from other countries to offer a helping hand, I was unsurprised."

Would you like to make another guest appearance at some point?
"Always. I have such a wonderful relationship with both Tim Haines and Adrian Hodges. I've always said to them since series three, if the schedule's permitting on both sides, I will always pick up the phone to Primeval. I'll always try and make it work. It was a big part of my life."

Would you ever consider coming back to the show full-time?
"That's very difficult to answer, what with my own personal life and my working life that runs alongside things like Primeval. It would just depend on what was going on there and then, when it was happening. In my heart, I love the show and I would hope to be part of it in some way. It would just totally depend on the circumstances in which that situation arose."

Some Primeval fans are still hoping for some resolution with...

Exactly! Would you still like to possibly explore that in the future?
"I would love to. I think it was made very difficult when Douglas [Henshall] left, because that would be the main reason to bring Claudia back. So much has happened since then. But it's amazing because when I get approached on the street, they never say 'You're Jenny Lewis', they all say 'You played Claudia Brown'! I did for one series, I've now done three series as Jenny! Even my own father asks, 'When are you bringing Claudia back?' I tell him, 'Dad, it's out of my control. Get over her!' But I'd love to do it. We joked on the last day of shooting that we could do a spin-off. Get Douglas back on and we'll do a whole Claudia and Cutter show in some weird timeline somewhere! A whole spinoff of her trying to find him. But I think the situation as it stands, with Douglas's character Cutter no longer with us, makes it hard for Claudia to come back. I'd love to resolve the storyline. She was obviously a strong character and made a very strong impression on people. But for now, Jenny is here!"

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Good news!

Well according to some rather interesting articles I have been lookings at. Link here.
Primeval managed 4.6 million view on Saturday, as it received 700000 views on ITV +1, which means its overnight ratings are actually higher than Episode 1's! This is great news!!
Also, I'd like to thank everyone for the fact that Primeval Anomalies has now had 10000 hits, so thank you!!
Thanks especially to:
Zem Zem
Square Eyes
And all my subscribers too!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Episode 5 Ratings

Episode 5 managed to pull in a 3.93 million on the overnight ratings, which means the viewings are still going up each week since episode 2. It pulled in 16.6% of the viewings for that timeslot, which is about the same as the last few weeks.

Episode 7

Well well well, here we have the synopsis and times for Episode 7 of Primeval, and I am already very excited!! Looks like the terror birds are back from Episode 6 of Series 3, unless its a different species... Meanwhile, Danny is back and Ethan escapes... for good??
Anywayyysss, thanks go to Phil for the link!! Its from the Radio Times website, if anyone wants to take a peek. Here's it is:

Saturday 05 February
7:30pm - 8:30pm
ITV1 London
7/7, series 4
The ARC tackles a terror bird at a tourist prison attraction after an anomaly opens, which also results in the surprise reappearance of Danny, who has a warning for the team. Matt manages to locate Ethan at the same site, but fails to spot the danger he presents, giving him the opportunity to escape for good as Emily's life is once again threatened.

Episode 4 - Calculations...

Thank you to the 45 people who voted on last weeks poll! That's the highest ammount of votes a poll on Primeval Anomalies has ever received, so thank you so so much!! Let's see if we can't make it 50 this week!!
Anyway, according to my calculations Episode 4 scored a 87.8%, which makes it the second best episode of the series (not including episode 5) so far, according to you, the viewers! I have not been dissappointed by an episode so far, so I really hope this series continues to be brilliant!

Episode 5 - My Thoughts

I thought that this episode was one of the best in this series! I liked the monster, and the setting of the story, and it's nice to know Emily's safe. But what is going on with Ethan? Does he have something to do with the creation of the anomalies, maybe his family started them or something. And what is Philip up to that makes it so confidential...

Next weeks, meanwhile, looks really good! Make sure you watch the preview clip on the Primeval Website. It looks like Gideon's dying, and of course Jenny is back!!!!! Yayyyy!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

More Squeeings!!

Here are some promotional pictures from Episode 7 of Primeval Series 4, with the return of Danny Quinn!! Eeeeek, and looky at who he meets when he comes through the anomaly, looks like Emily's gunna be hanging around for a while...

Monday, 17 January 2011

Episode 1 Official Ratings

Just a quick posty to say... The final viewing ratings for Episode 1 are 5.4 million, which is an up of nearly a whole million on the overnight ratings, which is really good news!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Ratings Episode 4

Episode 4 achieved a 3.85m yesterday on ITV, which was 16.7% of the ratings for that time slot, which is an up of 0.15 million on last week.
I can't find the US ratings anywhere, but then I wouldn't know what good shows normally get on average :/

Episode 6 Confirmation

Episode 6 has been confirmed as Jenny's return to Primeval. Thanks go to Kabilan today for finding this on the Radio Times website, love the Radio Times don't you? Get it every week, right? Except you people outside the UK who can't get it, unlucky you guys, it wouldn't be much help though, as it says what's on British Tv, so I suppose you arenn't missing much...

Anywayy the link is here.

Anddd here is the synopsis:

The team stumbles upon the stately-home wedding of ex-ARC member Jenny Lewis while investigating an anomaly. As the bride attempts to keep her past hidden from her fiance, she finds herself reliving her old role by helping her former colleagues fight a family of hyaenadons that wreaks havoc at the nuptials. Meanwhile, Becker's life becomes endangered as the hunt for Ethan continues. Hannah Spearritt, Andrew-Lee Potts and Lucy Brown star.

So, we have less than two weeks until Jenny's return, and I am so excited!! And who remembers the Hyaenadon from Walking With Beasts, made by Impossible Pictures, the same company who makes Primeval? No? Just me then...

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Episode 4 - My Thoughts

Well I thought that this episode was the best episode of the series! The storylines were great, as were the monsters! Arghh but so many questions! Will Becker and Jess get together? Are Connor and Abby having problems? Why is Philip such a git? What's Ethan gunna do with Emily? I'm so worried for her right now.

I really liked the link with Series 2, where Lester mentions being saved by the Mammoth, which I really feel they should have named by now? Any suggestions, for what we can call it? Still no sign of the Diictodon, they must be in the menagerie somewhere, unless they're roaming Abby's old flat block...

Anyway, the poll for Episode 3 has finished, and according to my calculations it recieved an 87.5, the lowest score of the series so far, it will be interesting to see how this episode does on the new poll, please vote and comment!
Also, the site has now had over 8000 hits since I installed the hit counter, which I got in June 2010, so thanks to everyone who's been visiting!

Primeval Episode 4

Make sure you UK viewers tune in to ITV tonight at 7, for episode 4 is to be shown. A group of mammal-like reptiles come through an anomaly in a school, while Philip decides that it's time to kill the creatures in the menagerie, sparking Abby to try and hide them with help from Jess... Meanwhile, Ethan is still out there...

Thursday, 13 January 2011

New Pictures!!

I literally just squeed. Its a very manly thing to do obvo. Anywayy thanks to Phil and Kabilan for posting links to some pictures of the return of Jenny/Claudia in episode um. Episode 7! Looks like they're at a big house... or something, and Jenny is rich... or something like that. Yeah...
The woman in the black dress has caused some confusion, but it is Emily.
As to whether it is actually Jenny or not, Im pretty sure it has been confirmed to be her, and she did look a lot more like Claudia in Series 3.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the lovely ladies of Primeval: (I just lolled at myself...

Monday, 10 January 2011

Poll results.

According to the overnight ratings, Primeval only pulled 3.7 million for episode 3 in the UK on saturday, which is an up of 0.41 million from last Sundays episode.

Meanwhile, the results from the first two polls of the series are here, and with my special calculations I can conclude that Episode 1 managed a positive 86.8 %, whereas Episode 2 managed a better 91.9 %

Saturday, 8 January 2011

POST 100!!!!

Well, this is the 100th post on Primeval Anomalies!! And I am here today, to give my thoughts on episode 3 of Series 4 of Primeval, and the new Narnia film, which I saw avec mes amis today. Lol I joke, I am not here to talk about the new Narnia film , although it was very gooood.

Anyway, I thought the lockdown was a good storyline, and I wonder what Project New Dawn is? Any ideas anyone? Perhaps something to do with what Matt and Gideon are up to, and how long has Gideon got left? What is Ethan gunna do? I am loving the storyline with Emily and Matt and the anomaly-crossing group.
To be honest, I thought the tree creepers seemed a bit too futuristic, when they're supposed to be raptors from the past, but that's just my opinion. I really like Jess and Matt's characters now, but I don't like Philip Burton much.

Next episode looks good!! But they can't kill the creatures!! Looks like Jess and Abby are gunna try and smuggle them out of the ARC, but as Jess says 'What are we going to do about the mammoth?' And then there's the group of creatures in a school.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Primeval Episode 3

Well tomorrow Primeval Series 4 Episode 3 airs on ITV at 7pm! And if you have been following the news, you will know that tomorrow's episode features a group of people coming through an anomaly into a theatre, along with some nasty tree-climbing raptors.
Anyway, here's a link to a preview of the next episode:
Thanks to Kabilan for the link!!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

New Banner!

As you may notice, there is a new amazingg banner at the top of the page, know why its so amazing? Cos I didn't make it, and it was made by the brilliant Emma! So thank you very much for that!!
Also thank you to the many people who voted on the polls, I've never had so many people vote on a poll before! And thank you for the 6960 hits at last count... and thank you to all my followers! And anybody who has ever posted helpful links on the sidebar, especially Shelley! And thank you to all Primeval Fans out there for demanding Series 4's return! And once again thanks for the banner Emma!

That's a lot of thank yous! And why am I suddenly thanking these people, just cos, I am in a thanking people mood! ;D

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Becker Jess Romance...

Yeah I got this off digital spy again, here it is:

Primeval star Ben Mansfield has confirmed that Becker's relationship with Jess (Ruth Kearney) will develop throughout the fourth series.

The actor told SFX that the "spark" between the pair will progress into something more in future episodes.

"She has a bit of a crush on Becker... and [he] reciprocates that as well, in his slightly emotionally retarded way. Having lost [the old team] I think he's reluctant to get close to anyone quickly."

He continued: "There's a physical attraction there, but not something that he pursues actively for some time. I think she's more infatuated with him [at] first."

Mansfield also dismissed the suggestion that military man Becker will clash with new team leader Matt (Ciaran McMenamin).

He explained: "There can be frictions, but they get on very well, and you can tell from the first episode [that] they've worked together in this new ARC and that they're quite fluid and efficient together."

Monday, 3 January 2011

Oh gosh...

Well, I'm sad to say Primeval ain't been doing too well with its overnight ratings...

Episode 1 managed only 4.45 million, which was 16.8% of the viewings. Episode 2 did even worse, with only 3.29 million, 12.7% of the overall viewings for that timeslot. I really really hope the viewings increase because it would be horrible if it was axed again! Get all your friends and family into it!!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Here we gooo

I am still recovering from Episode 1, but here's an interview with Andrew Lee Potts (who plays Connor, for you uneducated people), concerning Episode 2 and some of the rest of the series. Yes, I stole it off Digital Spy, how did you guess?

Has Connor changed in his year away?
"Yeah, I think he definitely has changed. He still carries his innocence, he's still clinging on to that. But he's only just clinging on to it, because realistically [he and Abby] had no idea that they were going to make it home. She's the realist and he's the dreamer. He's become a lot more hardcore, though. You'd have to, living out in the wild for a year. He's more used to dealing with the creatures face-to-face, on a survival level. He's a bit more Bear Grylls now! Abby's been training him to defend himself, so he's a lot more of a man. He definitely went in a boy and came out a man. Before, Connor was a bit of a side-kick or right-hand man. I think he's more of a person in himself now. There's things that need to be done that only he can do, related to the science of the ARC. We all take on our roles and it's more an equal team now."

How does Connor fit into the new regime, under Philip Burton?
"He's very impressed by Philip Burton, because he knew of him and he's one of the most famous scientists in the world. Connor thinks he's going to be working for him, but they don't want [Connor and Abby] anymore, because they're too jaded and they've got a new team now. I think he's a bit miffed! Like I say in the first episode, every single day that they've survived in the past was to come back and do this job. That was Connor's dream and the rug is taken from underneath his feet. He's not very happy about it, so he goes out and does something about it himself, in the second episode."

How will Connor's relationship with Matt progress?
"I think Matt is very guarded, which I think makes Connor a little bit guarded. Obviously Connor's initial instinct is to like everybody! He tries to see the best in people. That's something that he's not lost, and it's something that, later in the series, gets him into a hell of a lot of trouble! I think Connor wants to work with Matt, but he's finding it hard to connect. He's searching for a father figure, which Matt's not, and I think that's where Philip Burton steps into the picture. I think that's why Connor admires him so much, because he's a scientist and Connor is all about the science. My whole arc for this season is that I have to carry on Cutter's work. I promised that and I don't want to let him down, because when Connor lost the artifact at the end of the last series, he kind of blew it. He's coming back now to prove a point."

What's coming up for Connor in episode two?
"I'm unemployed and Abby's not! There's still a use for Abby because of the menagerie. We've basically got a zoo in the ARC. Everyone wonders where all the creatures go that we don't send back and we answer that this year. She's still got a lot of skills that they think they can utilise, but Connor is seen a loose cannon. I go and find my old best friend, Duncan. It was really cool to do that, because it's following up on the very first series. That story shows the implications of what we're actually doing. The fact is, I did lose one of my best friends at the beginning of the series. He died in front of me and Duncan. We kind of just forgot about that, and then I realise the implications of me forgetting about that. It all shows how mature Connor has become."

Is there more of an emotional arc to the show this year?
"Yeah. With the time-slot and the type of show it is, you don't want it to get too heavy but we're definitely pushing the envelope. I think we should do that and I think people would be disappointed if we didn't. We've still kept exactly what works, with the creature of the week and all that stuff. But for people who want to invest more in the story, there's a lot more for them this year."

Are you pleased with the show's reboot?
"I knew it was going to be a different journey this year. From what I've seen, I'm really happy. I think it's grown-up. It's like Primeval upgraded! This is the most excited I've been about the series. I started this show when I was 26 and I'm 31 now. It's a long time to be playing a character. I've grown up a lot and I think Connor has too. You never want to lose what people like about the characters in the first place, but you do want to pimp it sometimes! Primeval has evolved!"

Will the changes since the last series, such as Danny Quinn's disappearance, be explored more in future episodes?
"Yeah. A lot happens in the first episode and I think Abby and Connor are just amazed that they're even back with humans again! Obviously it's a lot for them to take on. But there is that poignant scene at the end of episode one, where we're both detached from the ARC. It's the kind of scene we've not really had in Primeval before and it really makes you realise that things have changed. It ain't going to be the same again and I think they do realise that they've lost a lot of people. I think the character that it affected most was Becker, because he was brought on to be our bodyguard and he lost everyone. They didn't really explore his story before and now he's got some great scenes. The loss is explored more through him, than through my character."

Can you give us a few hints as to what's coming up later in the fourth series?
"Throughout the series, Connor goes on a bit of a one-man mission. He forgets about everyone around him and gets a bit obsessive about achieving his goal. That starts to make what is actually important crumble. This season, we have the biggest and most complex story arc yet. It's not just Abby and Connor getting in and out of scrapes. We have a big emotional arc. Also, three people come back - loved characters from the past. They each have their own episodes. It was great getting some of the old gang back together."

Are those one-off returns?
"Yeah. never know!"

So the three loved characters from the past...? Jenny, Danny and... who else? Caroline? Maybe a guest star?? Arghhh!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Well that were epic, were it not?

Primeval was amazing!!! I loved how Conner let the creature through the anomaly, but it is so harsh that Abby and Connor don't get to be on the team :(
The Don't Stop Movin' bit was rather cool, and I love how efficient Jess is! I'm beginning to like Matt more, I think that he is good... but... what is he and Gideon up to? There are some rather good predictions floating around the internet, but are any of them correct or is what they are doing completely unexpected. Jess is my new favourite character by the way, not sure why...
Next episode sees the return of Duncan and... REX!! Yayy! I'm guessing he's being kept in the menagerie with the diictodon, the mammoth and of course the Dracorex... Anyway, we are now into Series 4 and Episode 2 is on tomorrow... And... imma preorder the series 4 box set off amazon while I have money...

Until tomorrow!

Killing Page was a Creative Decision

Nabbed this off Digital Spy:

Primeval co-creator Adrian Hodges has claimed that killing off Sarah Page (Laila Rouass) was a "creative decision".

The producer told Total Sci-Fi that he was keen to introduce new regular characters to tie in with the show's revival.

"Sarah Page has gone as a character," he confirmed. "[That was] just one of those creative decisions that we took in the downtime. It was nothing to do with Laila Rouass. [Co-creator] Tim [Haines] and I felt that we had to have new characters and to do that we had to let one or two of the others go [because] we couldn't afford them all!"

Hodges revealed that Page's off-screen death will be briefly referenced in the show's new run.

He explained: "There is some dialogue about her death, and there's an expanded reference in the webisodes on the ITV website."

He added that the introduction of new character Matt Anderson (Ciaran McMenamin) was prompted by former star Jason Flemyng's departure from the series.

"Once we knew Jason wasn't going to come back for the whole run, we needed a new leading man," he said. "We wanted to take what had worked best about [Douglas Henshall's character Nick Cutter] combined with what we liked about [Jason's character] Danny, and we wanted to go slightly younger."

He added: "We spent more time in development on Matt and his back-story than on anything else because we wanted to make the text and the subtext come together over the whole 13 episodes."

Happy Primeval Day!!

We're finally here, at half 7 today, Primeval Series 4 Episode 1 will be shown on BBC 1 and I am so excited I may explode! What will happen with Abby and Connor, how is everyone gonna get along, arghhhh!!