Monday, 25 July 2011

Site Lockdown.

I know I only just got back onto the blog, but I'm going away again for a few weeks, so I'm really sorry but the site is going into lockdown for now. There isn't much primeval news at the moment though, so it doesn't really matter. See you! :)

Poll Results

Sorry for lateness, but the results for the polls are in:

Series 5 Episode 6: 90.62%
Series 3 Episode 10: 91.17%
Series 2 Episode 6: 76.47% (in my opinion seriously underscored)
Series 2 Episode 7: 79.17% (also underscored imo)

Well I would have thought Episodes 6 and 7 of series 2, which in most people's opinions is the best series so far, so I'm surprised that it hasn't done as well. I enjoyed Series 3 episode 10 but I thought it was the worst out of the 4, but that's my opinion, yours is obviously different...

Thursday, 30 June 2011


Due to my silly lack of posts I have been drawn away from releasing the results of the polls. But here goes:

Episode 4 of Series 5 was doing brilliant!! until some people started voting things other than excellent, which surprised me as everyone on cbox seemed to be saying that it was AMAZINGG. Anyway it achieved a good 87.8% despite two people voting it AWFUL?!? I know. Weirdos. We're all entitled to our opinion I suppose.

Episode 6 of Series 1, the one where we met the future predators, which I thought was a good episode! And it felt like a good finale to the series, though it was probably the most underwhelming when you look at the others, except maybe Series 4. The cliffhanger at the end though, was AMAZINGG. You rated it 87.93, which means it bests Episode 4 of Series 5...

Episode 5 of Series 5 was another great episode!! It achieved 90% exactly, though I had to rejig the figures because for some reason I can't add answers to polls so there were only 4 options... :/ Yeah... annoying. Right vote on the neww polls! There are 4! We're aiming to find out which is the best Primeval episode ever!!

Episode 6 - My Thoughts

Well although I thought that it wasn't as good as Episode 4 or 5, I felt that it was verrryyyy goood! Nice too see Phillip fixing his mistakes in the end. So I'm guessing the villain to return was Helen, as she basically tried to destroy humanity AGAIN. The anomalies haven't closed, but all the team are still together. I bet Jess isn't too happy, she only signed up for a desk job...
Brilliant ending to a brilliant series. Although I liked Series 4, this series has been far better!! Matt at the end, oh dears?! Not a completely clean ending if they finished the series here then. I seriously hope they don't because I feel that Primeval is peaking - let's hope it gets the viewing figures and DVD buyings it needs. I trust you shall all be buying it? ;)

Sorry for the lateness I've basically been out with friends till 11 the last two nights, and have been in a rush in the mornings.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Episode 5 - My Thoughts (Contains spoilers for those who ent seen it))

Well I thought that was another amazing episode! This series is shaping out to be one of the best in my opinion!! So April wasn't Helen, so a villain is still going to return right? And Danny and Ethan are coming back next week too right? And somebody else is gunna die right? But Philip's machine didn't destroy the world... so what's Matt gunna do? And where's Connor? So much needs to be answered next week, in the final episode of the series!!
The whole team were epic, Jess was just amazing!! And Lester was nice to her. :) Lester with a gun! Is it just me though, or was the T-Rex bit over pretty quick, and wasn't that thhe only animal mentioned/seen that we haven't seen before... Doesn't seem very likely... :L
I did enjoy all the mentions and appearances though - Carnivorous worms, Kaprosuchus, Aurognathus(did I spell that right?), Tree Creepers, Mammoth and Spinosaurus... Philip left Connor to die :O And now Connor's stuck in some futuree world. Yeah, don't know if I preferred it t episode 4, but it was VERY good. I'd rank the last two episodes above all of Series 4 and probably Series 3 too! :P

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

And Series 1 Episode 1....

I ended this one on purpose... I didn't accidentally delete it instead of Episode 3's poll or nothing... but luckily had a second PA tab opened at the same time so I could view the results...

Yea... so 22 out of 31 of you voted the first ever episode of Primeval as 'AMAZING', 7 of you voted 'good' and 2 voted 'okay', while nobody rated it 'poor' or 'awful'. So accordings to my calculations Episode 1 achieved 91.1%, which rates it above Series 4 Episodes 1, 3-5, Series 5 Episodes 1 and 2, but below S4 Episodes 2, 6 and 7, and below Series 5 Episode 3.

In my opinion this episode is still possibly my favourite episode, it was really dark and mysterious, and we got introduced to all the characters. Yeah, I thought it were awesome...

Episode 3 - Poll Results

Well, what did you think of Episode 3? Let's see...

According to poll results... with my calculationss, Episode 3, the return of Emily, got a very positive 93.3 %, which means its the best episode of Series 5 according to you, but that it doesn't beat the latter two episodes of Series 4.

At the moment, I am running polls as to what you thought of Episode 4, and Series 1 Episodes 1 and 6, I will hopefully collect what you thought of every episode eventually, so we can see what your favourite/least favourite episodes are! :D