Thursday, 30 June 2011

Episode 6 - My Thoughts

Well although I thought that it wasn't as good as Episode 4 or 5, I felt that it was verrryyyy goood! Nice too see Phillip fixing his mistakes in the end. So I'm guessing the villain to return was Helen, as she basically tried to destroy humanity AGAIN. The anomalies haven't closed, but all the team are still together. I bet Jess isn't too happy, she only signed up for a desk job...
Brilliant ending to a brilliant series. Although I liked Series 4, this series has been far better!! Matt at the end, oh dears?! Not a completely clean ending if they finished the series here then. I seriously hope they don't because I feel that Primeval is peaking - let's hope it gets the viewing figures and DVD buyings it needs. I trust you shall all be buying it? ;)

Sorry for the lateness I've basically been out with friends till 11 the last two nights, and have been in a rush in the mornings.

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