Thursday, 30 June 2011


Due to my silly lack of posts I have been drawn away from releasing the results of the polls. But here goes:

Episode 4 of Series 5 was doing brilliant!! until some people started voting things other than excellent, which surprised me as everyone on cbox seemed to be saying that it was AMAZINGG. Anyway it achieved a good 87.8% despite two people voting it AWFUL?!? I know. Weirdos. We're all entitled to our opinion I suppose.

Episode 6 of Series 1, the one where we met the future predators, which I thought was a good episode! And it felt like a good finale to the series, though it was probably the most underwhelming when you look at the others, except maybe Series 4. The cliffhanger at the end though, was AMAZINGG. You rated it 87.93, which means it bests Episode 4 of Series 5...

Episode 5 of Series 5 was another great episode!! It achieved 90% exactly, though I had to rejig the figures because for some reason I can't add answers to polls so there were only 4 options... :/ Yeah... annoying. Right vote on the neww polls! There are 4! We're aiming to find out which is the best Primeval episode ever!!

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