Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Episode 5 - My Thoughts (Contains spoilers for those who ent seen it))

Well I thought that was another amazing episode! This series is shaping out to be one of the best in my opinion!! So April wasn't Helen, so a villain is still going to return right? And Danny and Ethan are coming back next week too right? And somebody else is gunna die right? But Philip's machine didn't destroy the world... so what's Matt gunna do? And where's Connor? So much needs to be answered next week, in the final episode of the series!!
The whole team were epic, Jess was just amazing!! And Lester was nice to her. :) Lester with a gun! Is it just me though, or was the T-Rex bit over pretty quick, and wasn't that thhe only animal mentioned/seen that we haven't seen before... Doesn't seem very likely... :L
I did enjoy all the mentions and appearances though - Carnivorous worms, Kaprosuchus, Aurognathus(did I spell that right?), Tree Creepers, Mammoth and Spinosaurus... Philip left Connor to die :O And now Connor's stuck in some futuree world. Yeah, don't know if I preferred it t episode 4, but it was VERY good. I'd rank the last two episodes above all of Series 4 and probably Series 3 too! :P

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Anonymous said...

Danny has been confirmed NOT to return, unfortunately, after the initial reports claiming he'd appear in 3 episodes. Seems he only got the Series 4 finale. :-\