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1000 Hits!

I think I've only had it for a couple of weeks or something, and I have 1000 hits! Thanks everyone! I hope to find some more news soon :P

Friday, 25 June 2010


Ahem... Just found this on Digital spy too :P, so happy! It's the first press released picture of the new team! No Danny, Lester, or Jenny, but I'm not sure whether Lucy Brown will be returning as Jenny or Claudia yet, maybe she'll meet Danny in an anomaly or I dunno :P But this is really exciting! Here's the article:

Filming has now wrapped on series four and without delay, the team are hard at work on series five! As we previously mentioned, the new series will feature several additions to the team - and here's the first look at their lovely little faces.

From left to right we have Abby (Hannah Spearritt), Connor (Andrew-Lee Potts), Matt (Ciarán McMenamin), Becker (Ben Mansfield) and Jess (Ruth Kearney):

They look goood, click here for the link to the original post.

Primeval Series 4 Filming Finished

I got this from good ol' digital spy:

The cast of Primeval have finished filming the upcoming fourth series.

The show was originally cancelled by ITV but was later revived when the channel teamed up with UKTV, BBC America and German broadcaster ProSieben.

Hannah Spearritt, Andrew Lee-Potts, Ben Miller, Jason Flemyng, Lucy Brown and Ben Mansfield have all returned to the show, while new cast members include Alexander Siddig, Ciarán McMenamin, Ruth Bradley, Jonathan Byrne, Anton Lesser and Ruth Kearney.

The programme's executive producer Tim Haines said: "The cast and crew have been brilliant and they have put in a huge effort over the past four months to deliver some amazing work. We have also been very lucky in that Dublin has afforded us some fantastic new locations and the fact that we've filmed in HD for the first time means that the production values are higher than ever.

"The rough cuts I've seen are very exciting and I think we are going to deliver a show that will really please and delight the fans."

The fourth series of Primeval will premiere on ITV1 next year before being broadcast on Watch. The cast are currently filming the fifth series.


Saturday, 19 June 2010


I just realised that my blog has now been open for over a year! It's official birthday was may 31st, so thank you everyone for visitng and EVERYTHING!! Thank you all! Right, I need to thank:

Square Eyes
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And all my followers, and anyone else I've forgotten! Thank you!

Friday, 18 June 2010

There is a new interview with Robert Quinn, the only irish director involved in Primeval since it has moved to Ireland. It can be found here:


Or alternatively, on Ryan's brilliant site Through the Anomalies, it's well worth a read. Apparently, one episode will feature a creature attacking a seaside villag and in another a creature will attack a castle.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Interesting... thing.

Well, on the script which can be seen in that video on youtube, there is a character called K.T. Also, I found out that the meteorite that caused the extinction of the Dinosaurs is known as the K-T meteor, so are these two things connected somehow?? Probably one of my silly musings, but you never know.
Also, I realised that the ARC have Helen Cutter's journal, so could they use it to find out more about the anomalies?

New Connor pictures.

I know these have been around for a while, but just in case anyone hasn't seen them yet. Well, here they are:

And here's just a couple of others, which I found on Primeval Wiki, that I liked :P:

Abby in sunglasses, I'm pretty sure this is behind the scenes.

Abby being sneaky? Making a getaway?

Aww. :P

Interview with Andrew and.. some other stuff XD

Thanks go to Eleanor for giving me the link to this. It's pretty interesting stuff. The post can be found here, if anyone's interested.
Before the interview there is a nice few paragraphs explaining Primeval, and some other things and I picked this out, because I don't think I've actually included this in a post before:

"After the government loses faith in Lester's ability to run such a dangerous and expensive operation on his own," an ITV press release reads, "the anomaly operation is now a public/private partnership, part-owned by the government, and partly by charismatic scientist Philip Burton (Siddig).

"With Connor, Abby and Danny trapped in the past at the end of series three, the ARC has found new recruits to take their place: Matt (McMenamin), new field leader, is more than just an ex-soldier; he's an zoologist, with an uncanny ability to understand animals. A private man, Matt carefully guards the secrets of his past--and the real reason he has joined the ARC team. Unconventional Jess (Kearney) now runs operations from the ARC Control Centre--highly efficient and organised, her work ethic is second to none, though she is human enough to nurse an unrequited crush on Captain Becker."

And heres the interview:

Tell me some secrets.
[Laughs.] I can't tell you anything. Obviously, they're going to keep pushing--a lot of things happened in the last series; i.e., losing our lead character. You've got to be a bit clever to survive in 'Primeval' because they like killing people off quite a lot. But that's their way of keeping it really super fresh, and you actually never know. And nobody's really safe. But yeah, I will--can I say--will I--no, I can't.

Well, we know that you have to come back from the past. Last we saw Connor, Abby and you guys were all stuck in the past.
Yeah, but when do we come back from the past? That's the only thing I'll say.

All right. That works.
You don't know how long we've been there, and that might be a key thing.

Ahh. OK. Fans are genuinely excited to hear the good news.
It's like it is what it is, and yeah, it's a family show and stuff, but I genuinely think ... it's actually really entertaining. It's got a lot for everybody in there, and I think it doesn't patronize. We have a bit of fun. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but just seriously enough. I think the balance of things in the show, I think they always get right. Well, obviously I'm going to say that, because I'm a big "Primeval" fan. So yeah, it's all about making it better every time, and that's what we keep trying to do.

In the three seasons so far, Connor's gone from sort of being a goofball nerdy guy to a hero.
An accidental hero, I suppose, yeah.

The last season, when team leader Cutter died and Connor's reaction was very cool. Was it hard to film that knowing that actor Douglas Henshall was leaving the show?
Yeah, it was really hard to film. Yeah, it was really hard to film, because me and Dougie were really close. I've said this before, he was very similar to Cutter off-screen as well. It's just the respect--I really respect his work and his opinions and the way he goes about his life.

And in my opinion, if it wasn't for Dougie, the show would have been nowhere near as good. God, it's funny, because they talk about Abby [being] people's favorite character--all this, that and the other. People might not realize how much Dougie, I think, anchored the entire show, because it was his belief in it, his belief in coming from the serious actor side, and the professor side of the story line. I think that made the show somewhat plausible in the ridiculousness of the "Primeval" world. I really respected that.

I suppose, in a way, I am the character to carry that on now, so there are definitely going to be more nods toward Connor becoming more like Cutter.

Everybody else is back, right, who we ended up seeing at the end?
I can only confirm that Hannah is coming back as Abby and Jason is coming back as Danny. Those are the only people I can confirm.

And you.
And I'm coming back. I'm there. They can't get rid of me.

Script Spoiler.

Thanks for Ryan from Through the Anomalies for this post and to the owner of the video, which can be found here.

In another interview with Adrian Hodges, a part of a script for Series 4 can be seen on screen. It is hard to make out the words, but it seems that a Pliosaur, possibly a Liopleurodon, which has appeared in the Impossible Pictures production Walking With Dinosaurs, will attack a Submarine that Danny Quinn, last seen stranded in the Pliocene, is on board. And there is not just one Pliosaur, but a whole group of them!

Pliosaurs, for those who don't know, were marine reptiles from the Jurassic and Cretaceous era. Pliosaurs were also some of the largest carnivores ever. Some could up to huge sizes, and some liked to prey on Dinosaurs. Looking closely at the script it seems that the Captain of the Submarine may be killed in a scene, as somebody called K.P. says 'We've lost all power. And the Captain.' Reading more it seems one Pliosaur attacks the submarine and brings down its propellor and the Captain. The crew are all scared, and then they find themselves surrounded by a pod of Pliosaurs. I doubt this Captain is Becker, but lets keep our fingers crossed that he's alright.

In other news, it seems Danny will not be appearing in all of Series 4, according to Adrian Hodges, he will not necessarily come back at the beginning of the season. In fact Hodges said in an interview that alot of the first couple of episodes will focus on how some of the characters get back from the past. From the filming pictures, we can assume this is Abby and Connor.
Adrian also hints at the idea of Human intervention from the future and a variation of monsters from the future.

Well this is all very interesting, and pretty squeeworthy, as Pliosaurs are a great monster from the past, rivalling T-Rex in my opinion. Thanks to Ryan again!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Some Series Info...

I got this report from here. It is a statement from Adrian Hodges, who is known as the man behind Primeval. Anyway, its rather interesting:

Yes, I’m delighted to say we started shooting last Monday and the other details as reported on digital spy are pretty much right so far as casting and timing goes. Needless to say I’m delighted we’re back in production – it’s been a hard and bumpy road to these new series but we’re glad we got there, as the show is doing better than ever worldwide and in my opinion has a long way to run. I can’t say too much about the new series yet, but I can say that while we’ll be retaining our “creature of the week” series format, we’ll also have a strong serialised element that will run right through both series 4 and 5 with a major revelation about the mystery behind the anomalies coming in episode 7 – which will be the climax of series 4.

I have rather excited about this, what will the major revelation be? Squee. Anyway Series 4 is Episodes 1-7, so I'm expecting a big cliffhanger!! Yay!