Monday, 26 July 2010

New Primeval Characters...

Yes, I nabbed this off Digital Spy, how did you guess? I'm back by the way, anyway here is the article:

Actress Susie Amy has reportedly auditioned for a role in the upcoming fourth series of ITV's sci-fi drama Primeval.

According to, the former Footballers' Wives star was trying out for a "coveted part" on the show, which is currently filming in Ireland.

An unnamed source said: "Everyone was kind of surprised to see Susie there as she has never worked in Ireland before and has obviously worked on some really big shows like Footballers' Wives and so has a load of TV experience."

Amy would play a "geeky investigator" in the programme.

"The actresses were all asked to dress down and try to look like real geeks with nerdy clothes, big glasses and minimal make-up for the role," explained the insider.

Fellow Footballers' Wives actress Laila Rouass previously played Egyptologist Sarah Page in the show's third series. However, Rouass recently announced that she will not return for the new episodes.

So... maybe these geeky investigators will be helping Connor's old friend Duncan, who is returning this series.

Monday, 19 July 2010


I'm going away for a bit so I won't be back until Sunday. When I get back hopefully there'll be some juicy news to post! Bye for now.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Potts teases fans... which is us!!

This is interesting, I nabbed it off digital spy, the original post can be found here. Anyway here it is:

Primeval star Andrew-Lee Potts has revealed details of the show's upcoming fourth series.

The programme was initially cancelled after the third run but was later recommissioned under a new coproduction deal between ITV and UKTV.

Potts - who plays Connor Temple - told Chicago Now: "[A] lot of things happened in the last series; I.E. losing our lead character. You've got to be a bit clever to survive in Primeval because they like killing people off quite a lot. But that's their way of keeping it really super fresh, and you actually never know. And nobody's really safe."

The actor praised the show's former star Douglas Henshall, who played Nick Cutter.

"People might not realise how much Dougie, I think, anchored the entire show, because it was his belief in it, his belief in coming from the serious actor side, and the professor side of the storyline. I think that made the show somewhat plausible in the ridiculousness of the Primeval world. I really respected that.

"I suppose, in a way, I am the character to carry that on now, so there are definitely going to be more nods toward Connor becoming more like Cutter."

Potts also attempted to explain the series' popularity with viewers.

"It's got a lot for everybody in there, and I think it doesn't patronise. We have a bit of fun. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but just seriously enough. I think the balance of things in the show, I think they always get right."

Henshall 'grateful'

I found this post on digital spy:

Douglas Henshall has revealed that he is "grateful" to Primeval.

The actor - who starred in the show as Nick Cutter - explained that he is pleased that a wider audience is now aware of him.

"Before that I was in things that were on 10 o'clock on a Thursday night rather than Saturday primetime," he told TV Choice. "But it's been good for me and brought me to a much wider group of people. I'm very grateful because it's allowed me to do different things."

Henshall, who appears as an "irascible, ambitious, impatient, stubborn, driven and arrogant" police officer in new BBC drama The Silence, also explained that he is pleased he can play lots of different roles.

"I'm very fortunate in that I get a wide variety of things to do, and it's what I've always tried to do," he said. "Sometimes it's a blessing and other times a curse, as I don't work in any one style, and that makes it difficult for some people because I don't have an easily recognisable label."

The Silence begins on July 12 at 9pm on BBC One.