Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

Today is New Years Eve and its hard to believe that this time last year, there seemed to be such a long time until the new series of Primeval, now there is only 1 day! This time last year David Tennant was still the Doctor, I'd never seen Avatar or an episode of Glee, so much has changed in the last year.

Anyway, I have a load of links to interview and new info concerning the new series of Primeval, most of them thanks to Shelly!
Anyways here we are:

Interviews with Ben Miller, Hannah Spearritt and Ciaran McMenamin on SFX can be found here.

Several Interviews on digital spy (some can also be found on youtube), can be found here in the Primeval section of Digital Spy. These include one with Ben Mansfield (love his impression of Ciaran!!), Hannah Spearrit, Alexander Siddig, Andrew Lee Potts and Ben Miller. These confirm that Rex is returning, and that he makes a bit of a mistake (perhaps releasing the Dracorex? I'm guessing Rex is currently living in the ARC). Primeval week has been going on at Digital Spy so there are several articles to read there.

An interview with Andrew Lee Potts for can be found here.

An interview with Adrian Hodges on total scifi online can be found here.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Just wishing you all a very merry Christmas for yesterday and the other 11 days left! Less than a week until Primeval now! Unfortunately, I shall be going away tomorrow until Thursday, so if there's any news you'll have to check other sites, unless someone nice posts something on the cbox :D

Hope you all had a really good Christmas Day!

Also, Ben Miller has mentioned in an interview that Hyaenodon, a creature that I remember from Walking With Beasts, which was made by the same people who make Primeval, will be in the next series of Primeval. Thanks to Dalek1099 for the link!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Webisodes Coverage

Episode 1
Featuring James Lester, Captain Becker, Jess Parker and Matt Anderson

The Episode shows Becker and Lester being interviewed about Danny, Connor and Abby. Lester and Becker both don't know whether they are alive, but Lester is sure that the mission succeeded, as Helen hasn't come back. It is revealed that after several attempts to find them in the future, Sarah was killed, and the ARC's activities were suspended, which Lester explains was a bad idea. A Stegosaurus made its way through an anomaly into the members bar in the house of commons. The episode also shows Jess and Matt being interviewed for the jobs. Jess is glad she doesn't have to work with the dinosaurs, while explaining she got so far in the process because she is the best. Matt, meanwhile, does not seem so shocked about the dinosaurs.

Episode 2
Featuring Captain Becker, Jess Parker, Matt Anderson and Gideon

Jess welcomes Becker to the new ARC, after being on her own for a few weeks studying mission reports. Matt is talking to Gideon about his apparent fake CV, and whether he will get the job at the ARC, but what are they up to? Jess, meanwhile, shows Matt's file to Becker and he seems insecure about how good Matt is. Matt is phoned and told he has the job, he then phones Gideon, who says he has worked hard for it and that he is the perfect man for the job, and that he shouldn't mess it up.

Episode 3
Featuring Captain Becker, Jess Parker, Matt Anderson, Gideon and Philip Burton

Matt is welcomed to the ARC with a video from Philip Burton and then by Jess, who introduces him to Becker. Becker and Matt argue about whether the ARC military should wear black uniforms, but Becker stands firm saying it gives the staff unity and gives them authority in the field. Gideon and Matt have another talk, with Matt talking about Lester, Jess and Becker. Matt tells Gideon he's 'not the man we're looking for', so what are they looking for??

Episode 4
Featuring Captain Becker, Jess Parker, Matt Anderson and James Lester

Becker and Matt have an arguement concerning whether the team should carry lethal or non-lethal weapons, and Matt tries to get Becker to give the new non-lethal weapons a chance. Matt then gives the team a talk on how they are not going to give up on Abby, Connor and Danny, even though they have been pronounced Missing Presumed Dead by the government.

Episode 5
Featuring Captain Becker, Jess Parker, Matt Anderson and Gideon

Jess gives Becker and Matt trackers, which gets data from the anomalies and transmits everything they say to Jess, so she can monitor what's going on. Becker gets slightly upset with Jess, when he thinks something she said implied that people should go through the anomalies, as Becker doesn't think anyone should go through. Becker apologises and tells Jess if there's anything she wants to know, she should ask him. She asks about what Abby, Connor and Danny may have been doing in the past and Becker explains how Sarah had deciphered Helen's diary and found out that she wanted to go to Site 333 and kill the first Humans. Matt tells Gideon that he won't get too close to the team, and Gideon worries that what they're doing may fail, and that they are running out of time. But what are they doing??

So there's the five episodes in full! I already like Jess, and I feel like we're getting to know Becker much better.


Well, I've watched them all now, so feel free to discuss!! They were rather informative weren't they? I like Jess already, not sure about Matt, what is he up to with Gideon? I'm not sure whether he is a goodie or a baddie yet, so what do you lot think? We haven't seen much of Philip Burton yet, or the new ARC. I like Jess's controlly bit ;P
Anyway, 2 Days till Christmas, and 9 days until Primeval!!

Friday, 17 December 2010


Don't squee too loud, but hop over to the Primeval website on ITV because it has a new look and it is epic!!!!!!!!!!! With EEEEK. Jus thought you shuld knoww, will look and see if there's any new info on there ;P

Helen, Nick, Sarah and Jenny appear on the character's page, even though they are no longer in the series, although Jenny will be returning, so does this mean Helen and Nick may be coming back? But they're dead right?
There are only 3 monsters on the Creatures page, Raptors, Dracorex and The Future Predator, and the Raptors and Dracorex are appearing in Series 4, so we can guess that the Future Predator is returning too.

There is also a trailer of the exclusive online webisodes that will be released on the 22nd December.

This is rather hilar...

Just found this article on a website, that I have clicked off and now cannot find:

BABE Hannah Spearritt has to face something scarier than a dinosaur in the new series.

The former S Club 7 singer, 29, is forced to listen to one of her cheesy old pop hits.

Fans will see plenty of frightening new creatures.

The first episode features a monster called a spino-saurus, which has broken through the time-warp anomaly and is causing mayhem on the streets of London. Hannah’s character Abby Maitland and her sidekick Connor Temple (Andrew Lee Potts, 31) have to lure it to Wembley Arena.

In a bid to distract it, bosses blast out the old S Club 7 No 1 hit Don’t Stop Movin’.

A show source said: “It was a tongue-in-cheek joke. Hannah would probably rather forget her career as a teeny pop star.”

TV viewers will also see big changes to the show.

Abby and Connor finally jump through time to the 21st Century. But their team leader Danny Quinn (Jason Flemyng, 44) is still trapped. Their ARC headquarters have also had a makeover.

Who doesn't love a bit of S Club? ;P

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Primeval Webisodes confirmed

As you may have read on the cbox or other websites, there have been stories flitting around about the Primeval Webisodes. Digital Spy has confirmed in this article, the link can be found here. And the borrowed (How can you borrow articles Seb! You stole it! Shh other Seb, they will think I'm mad!) article is here:

ITV has announced that a series of new Primeval webisodes will be released exclusively online.

Consisting of five 5-minute episodes, the series will launch on the ITV Primeval website on December 22.

Set in the period between the third and fourth series, the webisodes will introduce new characters Philip Burton (Alexander Siddig), Matt (Ciaran McMenamin) and Jess (Ruth Kearney), while giving fans their first glimpse at the new ARC facility.

Ben Freeman, senior editor for soaps and drama at, said: "We are delighted to be working with Impossible Pictures to offer fans of the show this new strand of thrilling content that builds on the excitement in the show.”

The show's co-creator Tim Haines added: "We are delighted that will be showing this unique content as it will not only help viewers connect the end of series three with the start of series four, but it will also give our loyal fans 15 minutes of thrilling new visual material that will whet their appetites in advance of the start of the new season of the series."

The new series of Primeval begins on January 1 on ITV1.

Exciting right?? 17 DAYS TO GO!

Ben Miller 'knew' Primeval would return

New from Digital Spy, link here. Article here:

Ben Miller has claimed that he always knew Primeval would return to television.

The actor, who plays James Lester in the sci-fi drama, told SFX that the show's continued popularity meant that a revival was inevitable.

"I have to say I never really believed it was the end of it," he said. "It's got such a following around the world that someone was going to decide to step in and do something with it."

He suggested that the show's original cancellation was primarily caused by financial issues.

"The problems were so much not to do with the show and just to do with the banking crisis," he explained.

Miller also revealed details about the upcoming fourth series, explaining that new character Philip Burton (Alexander Siddig) would be "a thorn in Lester's side".

"It's horrible for Lester because before there was a fairly obvious hierarchy," he admitted. "He reported to a minister and everybody else reported to him, but now he has this slightly shadowy billionaire character to report to."

He continued: "Philip's agenda is very much to do with the anomalies and scientifically exploiting them. He's not really about protecting the public or worrying about what to do with all these creatures."

Saturday, 11 December 2010


It seems Episode 2 will be shown on January the 2nd!! So we get a double bill of primeval!! How exciting!! Got this from the ITV Press Release website thing...:


Sunday, 2 January 2011, 7:00PM - 8:00PM

2 of 7
Production house:
Impossible Pictures
Press contacts:
Tim West
tim.west@itv.comPicture contacts:
Patrick Smith
Primeval home page on

Reunited with an old friend, Connor comes across a deadly Kaprosuchus terrorizing the docks. Working with new ARC leader Matt, they manage to stop the creature, but will Connor’s bravery earn him his place back on the team?

There is another part to this article, which contains the entire plot for the episode, but I decided not to post it because I don't want to be spoiler the entire episode and I'm sure many of you don't want that either.

Andd here's the ITV Press Release

Saturday, 1 January 2011, 7:30PM - 8:30PM

1 of 7
Production house:
Impossible Pictures
Press contacts:
Tim West
tim.west@itv.comPicture contacts:
Patrick Smith
Primeval home page on

Series four picks up approx 12 months after the end of series 3.

One year after the death of Johnson and the disappearance of three key ARC personnel (Danny, Connor and Abby), the government lost faith in Lester’s abilities to run such a dangerous and expensive operation on his own. They placed the ARC in the hands of a public/private partnership, part-owned by the government, and partly by entrepreneurial scientist Philip Burton (think Richard Branson with a microscope). The ARC now operates from the industrial complex which houses Philip’s scientific empire; an estate of buildings with all the hustle and bustle of a thriving scientific community. As with any public/private partnership, there’s tension over who’s really in charge; Lester still runs the day-to-day operation but begrudgingly, he realizes that Philip will want involvement in the operation when it suits him.

Following Connor, Abby and Danny’s departure, the ARC found new recruits to take their place: Matt, new field leader, now handles the incursions. He’s more than just an ex-soldier; he’s a zoologist, with an uncanny ability to understand animals. A private man, Matt carefully guards the secrets of his past - and the real reason he has joined the ARC team. Unconventional Jess now runs operations from the ARC Control Centre – highly efficient and organized, her work ethic is second to none, though she is human enough to nurse an unrequited crush on Captain Becker. Becker reigned from the military when the ARC was destroyed, and has lived with a sense of responsibility for the original team going missing. He now works as Head of Security for the ARC. They come complete with new uniforms, and most importantly to Matt, new taser guns which avoid killing the creatures.

During the year they spent stranded in the Cretaceous, Connor and Abby eeked out an existence by eating roots and grubs and learning when to run fast from the creatures that threaten their lives. It’s an experience that has brought them closer together, in every sense. But their time there has taken its toll…both emotionally and physically. Abby, always the most practical one of the two, has adapted to her new surroundings slightly better than Connor, who was always happier around technological comforts than out in the wild. But neither are prepared for the changes that have happened to the ARC since they left in search of Helen one year ago.

Friday, 10 December 2010

And this from SFX

Stole, ahem, borrowed this from SFX, not much new stuff butt still:

There are some new faces on Primeval when it returns in January, and in the new issue of SFX (out next Wednesday, 15 December) we have a chat to the actors who play them. Here’s a preview of what you can expect from our six-page Primeval feature:

New ARC leader Ciarán McMenamin on Matt Anderson:

“I’m not allowed to tell you a lot, but he’s here for very specific reasons that will be revealed later in the series. He has a bigger motive but he’s a good guy with a military background and a real specific love of his work. He also keeps himself to himself, lives a very spartan existence – we never hear anything about friends or family, so there’s a lot of mystery around him as to why he’s there, where he’s from and what makes him tick. You don’t really start finding all that out until later on.”

Newcomer Ruth Kearney on computer whiz Jess:

“She’s got two sides to her. On one hand she’s very girly, loves socialising and hearing gossip and all that kind of thing, but when she’s sitting in front of her hub in the ARC, she’s the most efficient person you could ever have in that job. She’s a bit of a whiz kid and highly apt at computer science – she was head hunted for this job, and she was just immediately at home. She has everyone’s back. She’s got an eye and an ear on everything, so I think she’s definitely someone you want on your team. I think she’s very loyal too because she obviously hears every conversation, and has read everyone’s files but would never use that against them. She’s a very important member of the team."

Ruth Kearney talks to Digital Spy

Well, digital spy acually posted a new primeval article today. How exciting. The link is here. And here is the article:

Ruth Kearney has revealed details about her role in the upcoming fourth series of Primeval.

It was announced earlier this year that the actress had joined the cast of the sci-fi drama as computer whiz Jess.

She told SFX: "[Jess] has everyone's back. She's got an eye and an ear for everything, so I think she's definitely someone you want on your team. I think she's very loyal too because she obviously hears every conversation, and has read everyone's files, but would never use that against them."

Kearney also said that there are "two sides" to the new team member.

"One one hand, she's very girly - loves socialising and hearing gossip and all that king of thing,"
she explained. "But when she's sitting in front of her hub in the ARC, she's the most efficient person you could ever have in that job."

She continued: "She’s a bit of a whiz kid and highly apt at computer science. She was headhunted for this job, and she was just immediately at home."

Primeval returns to ITV1 on January 1.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Picturessss :P

Well there are so many pictures flying about at the moment, I thought I'd post some. Some of 'em come from an interesting website, thanks to Shelly, as per usual, and the website can be found here.
Some of the others come from the new Facebook page; Primeval Arcadians, which I propose you like. From there, I found out that Becker's first name is Hilary, yeah ;P

Here are some piccies:

Friday, 3 December 2010

Synopsis'? Synopsi? Synopsee?

Well, Shelly has outdone herself again, while I was off watching Harry Potter 7 for the 3rd time. She found this brilliant website, which not only confirms that the new series of Primeval is to air on 1st January, but it also has a load of new information. I cannot thank Shelly enough! I am about to explode with excitement. Anyway here's some of the new info on there:

Danny, the only outstanding member of the original team, returns in episode 7, where his revelations will have a profound effect on the ARC and its team. He has struggled through life in the Rift Valley and several other eras, and has fought to find a way back after discovering a secret the team needs to know. His return is greeted with shock and happiness, but he soon makes the decision to return to the wilderness of the anomalies, in search of his lost brother.

Episode Synopsis'

Episode One

After a year in the Cretaceous, Abby and Connor finally escape through an anomaly to their own time after finding a lost anomaly device in a raptor's bower, only to be followed through by a giant Spinosaurus, the largest of all known carnivorous dinosaurs. Soon accosted by a brand new ARC team, they manoeuvre the creature into a massive arena, where, dangling from the roof, Connor accidentally drops the device into the Spinosaurus, imploding it from the inside. But being away for so long has left Connor and Abby out of the loop, and they soon find their ARC jobs in jeopardy...

Premieres Saturday, January 1, 9:00pm ET/PT

Episode Two

When Connor looks up old friends Duncan, he doesn't expect to find him obsessed with creature sightings. Warning him of the elusive dock creature, the pair track it down to the docks, only to find evidence of a fresh kill. With Abby and Matt arriving to help, they find the creature after a tense chase through a container yard. Will Connor's quick-thinking and bravery earn him back his place on the team?

Premieres Saturday, January 8, 9:00pm ET/PT

Episode Three

A mysterious group comes through an anomaly in a theatre, unknowingly followed by deadly tree creatures. As they attempt to escape, Matt inadvertently brings one of the group - Emily - back against her will. She promises to help him find the creature, in return for going back through the anomaly. In a frantic chase through the city, they track the creature down, only to discover the anomaly has closed, leaving Emily stranded.


Episode One

Spinosaurus - Spinosaurus is the largest of all known carnivorous dinosaurs, even larger than Tyrannosaurus Rex and Giganotosaurus. The distinctive spines of Spinosaurus, which were long extensions of the vertebrae, grew up to 2m long and were likely to have had skin connecting them, forming a sail-like structure.

Dracorex - Last seen in Season 3 Episode 7, the team rescued the Dracorex after it was injured in a fight with the knight, only for its anomaly to close. It's been living in the ARC menagerie since then. Dracorex, an herbivore, had a skull with spiky horns, bumps, and a long muzzle.

Raptor - Abby and Connor last encountered raptors whilst trying to return to the ARC in Season 3 Episode 10. They haven't managed to escape them during their stay in the Cretaceous. Raptors are known for their carnivorous appetite, long arms and the distinctive sickle-shaped claw on their second toe.

Episode Two

Kaprosuchus - The Kaprosuchus or Boar crocodile is named in reference to its large front teeth, which resemble that of a boar. It possesses three sets of tusk-like teeth that project above and below the skull.

Episode Three

Arboreal Dinosaur / 'Tree Creeper' - There's very little evidence and few descriptions of what arboreal dinosaurs might have looked like, therefore, we've created our own idea of how it might have looked. Its main skill is that it's able to scale trees (and consequently other high-rise structures) whilst remaining ferocious.

Imagine a raptor with a longer, monkey-like tail, forward facing eyes and grasping hands, perfectly suited to creeping and scampering through branches and trees.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Thanks go to Shelly! UPDATE.

Thank you very much for Shelly for sending me these links on the cbox. It's only a load of fab interviews with the Primeval cast concerning series 4! Apparently Conner and Abby have been in the past for a whole year, surviving injury-free. Andrew Lee Pott's interview is here.

Apparently Becker nearly quit the ARC, after the many missions to save the lost ARC team failed. Ben Mansfield's interview can be found here.

Lester will be power sharing with millionaire Philip in Series 4, with a brand new ARC, apparently much bigger than the previous one. Ben Miller's interview can be found here.

Matt, meanwhile, is the mysterious new team leader, who is suspicious around Philip Burton, but why is this? Ciaran McMenamin's interview can be found here.

Jess will be holding everything down at the ARC, tracking what everyone's doing, a new task for a new team member. Ruth Kearney's interview can be found here.

Abby is wary of the new team. Hannah Spearritt's interview can be read here.

Philip Burton is slightly manipulating, and he's invented loads of stuff and become a billionaire. Alexander Siddig's interview can be read here.

Also found on there, thanks again to Shelly, were these minor character profiles, which are rather interesting. I'm not entirely sure if these are 100% accurate, but these characters look really good!

Character: Gideon
Played by: Anton Lesser
An ongoing mystery, we don’t know who Gideon is or what he and Matt are up to, but whatever it is, it’s definitely serious. Gideon is full of concern for Matt, but his real worries are far wider-reaching.

What does he know that we don’t?

Character: Emily Merchant
Played by: Ruth Bradley
A woman out of time, born in the Victorian era but then transported through time via the anomalies. She is strong, resourceful and brave but conditioned by her experiences with the anomalies to be suspicious of human contact, and she can appear standoffish, even fierce at times.

In her own time she felt out of place – too defiant for a Victorian wife, she tried to do what was expected. Married just before she went through the anomaly, she hasn’t seen her husband since. She’s a beautiful woman, but her terrible experiences and the responsibility of leading a nomadic group through the anomalies has made her almost indifferent to notions of romance or relationships.

Only with Matt does she begin to find another, more tender side of her character; these two have a fiery relationship, tempered on both sides by their secrets. Emily is patient, kind, generous and compassionate, determined and strong-willed. Though she belongs to our era far more than she ever did to her own - her strong moral conscience dictates that she must go back to her own time... but will she?

Character: Ethan Dobrowski
Played by: Jonathan Bryne
Ethan has been travelling through anomalies for a long time – sometimes alone, sometimes as part of the group where he met Emily. But unlike, Emily who thrived in her new found family, Ethan found it hard going.

The constant travelling, the fear of the unknown, the creatures they encounter have slowly worn him down. His uncertain journey through the anomalies has turned him into a violent man - Ethan has a temper and a mean streak. But overwhelmed by despair, Ethan has become a man whose anger and grief will drive him to seek revenge. His desperation will not only threaten Emily’s life, but the whole ARC operation

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


The pig-tusky creature in the Primeval trailer is apparently called a Kaprosuchus if anyone was interested. It's been nicknamed 'BoarHog' as... well you can guess what it looks/acts like...
More news soon... Hopefully!

Friday, 12 November 2010

New trailerr!!!! EPIC.

Hey sorry for the alteness if you've seen ti, but I've been away. Thank you so much to Kabilan to drawing my attention to this. It is a preview of Series 4 introduced by Andrew Lee-Potts, and it is epic. It features Lester, Becker, Abby, Conner, Jess and Matt, as well as the Dracorex from the last series, which seems to have escaped in the ARC. Then there's a Spinosaurus, a raptor and some kind of tusked dinosaur. It looks pretty amazing!


Monday, 1 November 2010

Have I got news for you?

Well, thank you very much to Kabilan for the link, a Spinosaurus is confirmed for series 4, and also confirmed was why Sarah is no longer on the team. She died on the rescue mission to get Conner, Abby and Danny back. Becker now blames himself for this. Whatta fail. XD
Gosh it's exciting, we're getting closer and closer to series 4 and I may explode at any moment!
Anywayys, here is the picture which this information came from:

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Hey everyone

I just found this clip from Primeval filming on youtube:

It shows an explosion and Abby and Captain Becker running, so it isn't all that interesting, but its worth watching. The clip is actually quite old, it being from August, so sorry for the lateness. I cannot wait for Primeval, its just over 2 months away now!

Here's another one, which seems to show what is in place of a dinosaur, running through an anomaly:

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Connor Is Braver... Apparently.

Another post from digital spy, admittedly it does feel weird to be posting news:

Primeval star Andrew-Lee Potts has revealed more details about the sci-fi drama's upcoming fourth series.

The actor told SFX that his character Connor and girlfriend Abby (Hannah Spearritt) will initially feel alienated upon their return from the past.

He explained: "When they come back, they feel let down by the ARC system, because it's a new regime, and with us being the only originals left, we feel pushed away."

Potts added that Connor will be "a lot braver" after his experiences in the Cretaceous period.

"Abby's been training him to defend himself," he confirmed. "It's something we talked about, that he wasn't completely defenceless all the time, and they work together as a team now."

He continued: "You want to keep what the audience likes about [the characters] but we are getting older and we have to develop our relationship. If Connor was still the underdog all the time I think it would get a bit tedious."

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

I let out a little squee...

Yes I'm kind of sad, but I found this on Amazon... It's the Primeval Series 4 boxset which will be released on February 21st next year!! Its only about four months away! I'm not going to preorder it quite yet, and I would show you the picture they have but its just got a black background and the words Primeval Series 4, so I doubt it's the official cover.

Here's the link, if you want to preorder it now ;)

It can also be found on a number of other websites, but to be honest it's not all THAT exciting, although it is only 12.99!!! Ahem...

More Character Info

Got this off Digital Spy, as per usual, some stuff we already know, but heyho here's the article! My excitement is growing by the day! :

Primeval producer Tim Bradley has revealed details of the two new characters joining the show's regular cast.

He explained to SFX that field leader Matt Anderson (Ciaran McMenamin) would be "an animal expert".

"He's the sort of guy who's wrestled tigers in the jungle, but also understands the biology of them too," said Bradley. "He knows how to track a creature without killing it and like [former leader] Nick Cutter, he has the [knowledge of] science."

Bradley also described new recruit Jess (Ruth Kearny) as "very fun, down-to-earth and likeable".

"We very much wanted to make the ARC the centre of communications, so that when the team are out on the road, there would be someone watching everybody," he confirmed. "Jess really is very much the one who conducts the orchestra. She can run the ARC solo."

Saturday, 16 October 2010


I got this off SFX, is quite interesting, although its more of the same really:

ITV1’s dino drama Primeval was saved from extinction thanks to a co-production deal that sees ITV teaming up with UKTV, BBC America and German network ProSieben, to make 13 new episodes: the first seven will debut on ITV1 before transferring to UKTV’s Watch, with Watch having first dibs on the rest. In SFX 202 we talk t the cast and crew about where they will be taking the revamped series, are here are a couple of nippets to whet your appetite.

With most of the main characters stuck in the Mesozoic era, when the show returns there have been big changes back at base. The Anomaly Research Centre (ARC) is no longer just a government concern. “The ARC is under new management,” producer Tim Bradley tells SFX’s Red Alert, “because the disappearance of key personnel has left Lester a bit stranded. So the old team is joined by new characters who deal with the situations that happened off camera between the two years. There’s this new character, Philip Burton [played by Deep Space Nine’s Alexander Siddig], who’s a venture capitalist, and he’s been brought in to finance the new ARC set-up. One of his main areas of interest is investigating the science behind the anomalies. He’s really filling what Cutter’s demise left – a bit of a gap in the scientific journey.”

As for the tone of the new series, Bradley tells us that the new series won’t reinvent the wheel. “The majority of episodes will give you what everybody seems to want, which is a sort of tubthumping crashing beast to terrorise you. I think all our co-financiers want us to keep making the better show, but the same show. We don’t want to change the appeal of the programme, or take it in a direction that makes it harder for the younger audience to enjoy. That said, we are trying to make sure there are a few more adult beats for people, and we do perhaps want to push the creatures being a little more visceral.”


Well I got this off Digital Spy, as I do, so here's the article:

Primeval producer Tim Bradley has dropped some hints about the new series.

Speaking to SFX, Bradley explained that the Anomaly Research Centre will be "under new management" when the show returns.

"The disappearance of key personnel has left Lester a bit stranded," he said. "So the old team is joined by new characters who deal with the situations that happened off camera between the two years."

Bradley also dropped some hints about Alexander Siddig's new character, venture capitalist Philip Burton.

"He's been brought in to finance the new ARC set-up," he explained. "One of his main areas of interest is investigating the science behind the anomalies. He's really filling what Cutter's demise left - a bit of a gap in the scientific journey."

Bradley added that the new series will be similar to previous episodes, saying: "The majority of episodes will give you what everybody seems to want, which is a sort of tubthumping crashing beast to terrorise you.

"That said, we are trying to make sure there are a few more adult beats for people, and we do perhaps want to push the creatures [into] being a little more visceral."

Primeval is expected to return for a new series in January on ITV1.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Not long now...

Well, I say not long, but it IS only 5ish months until Primeval Series 4 invades our TV screens and takes over my life again, which is 12 months less than this time last year... As I have said news is running just a little dry at the moment, so I'm sorry for the lack of posts :/

At the moment I'm still not sure whether Lucy Brown is returning, but I hope she is. I'm gonna try and get some more pages done, but I am gonna be away from next Tuesday to Sunday.

Monday, 26 July 2010

New Primeval Characters...

Yes, I nabbed this off Digital Spy, how did you guess? I'm back by the way, anyway here is the article:

Actress Susie Amy has reportedly auditioned for a role in the upcoming fourth series of ITV's sci-fi drama Primeval.

According to, the former Footballers' Wives star was trying out for a "coveted part" on the show, which is currently filming in Ireland.

An unnamed source said: "Everyone was kind of surprised to see Susie there as she has never worked in Ireland before and has obviously worked on some really big shows like Footballers' Wives and so has a load of TV experience."

Amy would play a "geeky investigator" in the programme.

"The actresses were all asked to dress down and try to look like real geeks with nerdy clothes, big glasses and minimal make-up for the role," explained the insider.

Fellow Footballers' Wives actress Laila Rouass previously played Egyptologist Sarah Page in the show's third series. However, Rouass recently announced that she will not return for the new episodes.

So... maybe these geeky investigators will be helping Connor's old friend Duncan, who is returning this series.

Monday, 19 July 2010


I'm going away for a bit so I won't be back until Sunday. When I get back hopefully there'll be some juicy news to post! Bye for now.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Potts teases fans... which is us!!

This is interesting, I nabbed it off digital spy, the original post can be found here. Anyway here it is:

Primeval star Andrew-Lee Potts has revealed details of the show's upcoming fourth series.

The programme was initially cancelled after the third run but was later recommissioned under a new coproduction deal between ITV and UKTV.

Potts - who plays Connor Temple - told Chicago Now: "[A] lot of things happened in the last series; I.E. losing our lead character. You've got to be a bit clever to survive in Primeval because they like killing people off quite a lot. But that's their way of keeping it really super fresh, and you actually never know. And nobody's really safe."

The actor praised the show's former star Douglas Henshall, who played Nick Cutter.

"People might not realise how much Dougie, I think, anchored the entire show, because it was his belief in it, his belief in coming from the serious actor side, and the professor side of the storyline. I think that made the show somewhat plausible in the ridiculousness of the Primeval world. I really respected that.

"I suppose, in a way, I am the character to carry that on now, so there are definitely going to be more nods toward Connor becoming more like Cutter."

Potts also attempted to explain the series' popularity with viewers.

"It's got a lot for everybody in there, and I think it doesn't patronise. We have a bit of fun. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but just seriously enough. I think the balance of things in the show, I think they always get right."

Henshall 'grateful'

I found this post on digital spy:

Douglas Henshall has revealed that he is "grateful" to Primeval.

The actor - who starred in the show as Nick Cutter - explained that he is pleased that a wider audience is now aware of him.

"Before that I was in things that were on 10 o'clock on a Thursday night rather than Saturday primetime," he told TV Choice. "But it's been good for me and brought me to a much wider group of people. I'm very grateful because it's allowed me to do different things."

Henshall, who appears as an "irascible, ambitious, impatient, stubborn, driven and arrogant" police officer in new BBC drama The Silence, also explained that he is pleased he can play lots of different roles.

"I'm very fortunate in that I get a wide variety of things to do, and it's what I've always tried to do," he said. "Sometimes it's a blessing and other times a curse, as I don't work in any one style, and that makes it difficult for some people because I don't have an easily recognisable label."

The Silence begins on July 12 at 9pm on BBC One.

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1000 Hits!

I think I've only had it for a couple of weeks or something, and I have 1000 hits! Thanks everyone! I hope to find some more news soon :P

Friday, 25 June 2010


Ahem... Just found this on Digital spy too :P, so happy! It's the first press released picture of the new team! No Danny, Lester, or Jenny, but I'm not sure whether Lucy Brown will be returning as Jenny or Claudia yet, maybe she'll meet Danny in an anomaly or I dunno :P But this is really exciting! Here's the article:

Filming has now wrapped on series four and without delay, the team are hard at work on series five! As we previously mentioned, the new series will feature several additions to the team - and here's the first look at their lovely little faces.

From left to right we have Abby (Hannah Spearritt), Connor (Andrew-Lee Potts), Matt (Ciarán McMenamin), Becker (Ben Mansfield) and Jess (Ruth Kearney):

They look goood, click here for the link to the original post.

Primeval Series 4 Filming Finished

I got this from good ol' digital spy:

The cast of Primeval have finished filming the upcoming fourth series.

The show was originally cancelled by ITV but was later revived when the channel teamed up with UKTV, BBC America and German broadcaster ProSieben.

Hannah Spearritt, Andrew Lee-Potts, Ben Miller, Jason Flemyng, Lucy Brown and Ben Mansfield have all returned to the show, while new cast members include Alexander Siddig, Ciarán McMenamin, Ruth Bradley, Jonathan Byrne, Anton Lesser and Ruth Kearney.

The programme's executive producer Tim Haines said: "The cast and crew have been brilliant and they have put in a huge effort over the past four months to deliver some amazing work. We have also been very lucky in that Dublin has afforded us some fantastic new locations and the fact that we've filmed in HD for the first time means that the production values are higher than ever.

"The rough cuts I've seen are very exciting and I think we are going to deliver a show that will really please and delight the fans."

The fourth series of Primeval will premiere on ITV1 next year before being broadcast on Watch. The cast are currently filming the fifth series.


Saturday, 19 June 2010


I just realised that my blog has now been open for over a year! It's official birthday was may 31st, so thank you everyone for visitng and EVERYTHING!! Thank you all! Right, I need to thank:

Square Eyes
Mr. Dalek
And all my followers, and anyone else I've forgotten! Thank you!

Friday, 18 June 2010

There is a new interview with Robert Quinn, the only irish director involved in Primeval since it has moved to Ireland. It can be found here:

Or alternatively, on Ryan's brilliant site Through the Anomalies, it's well worth a read. Apparently, one episode will feature a creature attacking a seaside villag and in another a creature will attack a castle.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Interesting... thing.

Well, on the script which can be seen in that video on youtube, there is a character called K.T. Also, I found out that the meteorite that caused the extinction of the Dinosaurs is known as the K-T meteor, so are these two things connected somehow?? Probably one of my silly musings, but you never know.
Also, I realised that the ARC have Helen Cutter's journal, so could they use it to find out more about the anomalies?

New Connor pictures.

I know these have been around for a while, but just in case anyone hasn't seen them yet. Well, here they are:

And here's just a couple of others, which I found on Primeval Wiki, that I liked :P:

Abby in sunglasses, I'm pretty sure this is behind the scenes.

Abby being sneaky? Making a getaway?

Aww. :P

Interview with Andrew and.. some other stuff XD

Thanks go to Eleanor for giving me the link to this. It's pretty interesting stuff. The post can be found here, if anyone's interested.
Before the interview there is a nice few paragraphs explaining Primeval, and some other things and I picked this out, because I don't think I've actually included this in a post before:

"After the government loses faith in Lester's ability to run such a dangerous and expensive operation on his own," an ITV press release reads, "the anomaly operation is now a public/private partnership, part-owned by the government, and partly by charismatic scientist Philip Burton (Siddig).

"With Connor, Abby and Danny trapped in the past at the end of series three, the ARC has found new recruits to take their place: Matt (McMenamin), new field leader, is more than just an ex-soldier; he's an zoologist, with an uncanny ability to understand animals. A private man, Matt carefully guards the secrets of his past--and the real reason he has joined the ARC team. Unconventional Jess (Kearney) now runs operations from the ARC Control Centre--highly efficient and organised, her work ethic is second to none, though she is human enough to nurse an unrequited crush on Captain Becker."

And heres the interview:

Tell me some secrets.
[Laughs.] I can't tell you anything. Obviously, they're going to keep pushing--a lot of things happened in the last series; i.e., losing our lead character. You've got to be a bit clever to survive in 'Primeval' because they like killing people off quite a lot. But that's their way of keeping it really super fresh, and you actually never know. And nobody's really safe. But yeah, I will--can I say--will I--no, I can't.

Well, we know that you have to come back from the past. Last we saw Connor, Abby and you guys were all stuck in the past.
Yeah, but when do we come back from the past? That's the only thing I'll say.

All right. That works.
You don't know how long we've been there, and that might be a key thing.

Ahh. OK. Fans are genuinely excited to hear the good news.
It's like it is what it is, and yeah, it's a family show and stuff, but I genuinely think ... it's actually really entertaining. It's got a lot for everybody in there, and I think it doesn't patronize. We have a bit of fun. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but just seriously enough. I think the balance of things in the show, I think they always get right. Well, obviously I'm going to say that, because I'm a big "Primeval" fan. So yeah, it's all about making it better every time, and that's what we keep trying to do.

In the three seasons so far, Connor's gone from sort of being a goofball nerdy guy to a hero.
An accidental hero, I suppose, yeah.

The last season, when team leader Cutter died and Connor's reaction was very cool. Was it hard to film that knowing that actor Douglas Henshall was leaving the show?
Yeah, it was really hard to film. Yeah, it was really hard to film, because me and Dougie were really close. I've said this before, he was very similar to Cutter off-screen as well. It's just the respect--I really respect his work and his opinions and the way he goes about his life.

And in my opinion, if it wasn't for Dougie, the show would have been nowhere near as good. God, it's funny, because they talk about Abby [being] people's favorite character--all this, that and the other. People might not realize how much Dougie, I think, anchored the entire show, because it was his belief in it, his belief in coming from the serious actor side, and the professor side of the story line. I think that made the show somewhat plausible in the ridiculousness of the "Primeval" world. I really respected that.

I suppose, in a way, I am the character to carry that on now, so there are definitely going to be more nods toward Connor becoming more like Cutter.

Everybody else is back, right, who we ended up seeing at the end?
I can only confirm that Hannah is coming back as Abby and Jason is coming back as Danny. Those are the only people I can confirm.

And you.
And I'm coming back. I'm there. They can't get rid of me.

Script Spoiler.

Thanks for Ryan from Through the Anomalies for this post and to the owner of the video, which can be found here.

In another interview with Adrian Hodges, a part of a script for Series 4 can be seen on screen. It is hard to make out the words, but it seems that a Pliosaur, possibly a Liopleurodon, which has appeared in the Impossible Pictures production Walking With Dinosaurs, will attack a Submarine that Danny Quinn, last seen stranded in the Pliocene, is on board. And there is not just one Pliosaur, but a whole group of them!

Pliosaurs, for those who don't know, were marine reptiles from the Jurassic and Cretaceous era. Pliosaurs were also some of the largest carnivores ever. Some could up to huge sizes, and some liked to prey on Dinosaurs. Looking closely at the script it seems that the Captain of the Submarine may be killed in a scene, as somebody called K.P. says 'We've lost all power. And the Captain.' Reading more it seems one Pliosaur attacks the submarine and brings down its propellor and the Captain. The crew are all scared, and then they find themselves surrounded by a pod of Pliosaurs. I doubt this Captain is Becker, but lets keep our fingers crossed that he's alright.

In other news, it seems Danny will not be appearing in all of Series 4, according to Adrian Hodges, he will not necessarily come back at the beginning of the season. In fact Hodges said in an interview that alot of the first couple of episodes will focus on how some of the characters get back from the past. From the filming pictures, we can assume this is Abby and Connor.
Adrian also hints at the idea of Human intervention from the future and a variation of monsters from the future.

Well this is all very interesting, and pretty squeeworthy, as Pliosaurs are a great monster from the past, rivalling T-Rex in my opinion. Thanks to Ryan again!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Some Series Info...

I got this report from here. It is a statement from Adrian Hodges, who is known as the man behind Primeval. Anyway, its rather interesting:

Yes, I’m delighted to say we started shooting last Monday and the other details as reported on digital spy are pretty much right so far as casting and timing goes. Needless to say I’m delighted we’re back in production – it’s been a hard and bumpy road to these new series but we’re glad we got there, as the show is doing better than ever worldwide and in my opinion has a long way to run. I can’t say too much about the new series yet, but I can say that while we’ll be retaining our “creature of the week” series format, we’ll also have a strong serialised element that will run right through both series 4 and 5 with a major revelation about the mystery behind the anomalies coming in episode 7 – which will be the climax of series 4.

I have rather excited about this, what will the major revelation be? Squee. Anyway Series 4 is Episodes 1-7, so I'm expecting a big cliffhanger!! Yay!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

More Set picturess:

Yes filming has continued in Dublin, thanks to SFX and Mr. Dalek. We get a glimpse of two new characters Matt (Ciaran McMenamin) and Jess (Ruth Kearney) who both work for the ARC in series 4. Matt has some kind of gun, do you think he's the new team leader? There's also a behind the scenes picture of Abby and Captain Becker (Hannah Spearritt and Bed Mansfield).

Friday, 14 May 2010

Laila's Quit

Laila is not going to appear in the next series of Primeval, because it has moved to Dublin and she does not want to trouble her 3 year old daughter. So what is the programme going to say? That Sarah fell through an anomaly and died??? Laila is, however, joining the cast of Spooks, which is filmed in London.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Primeval filming!!!

Yayyyy, finally filming pictures, thanks for Mr. Dalek for telling me! Well here they are, they were taken in Dublin, where the show has moved to film. It seems as though some time has passed for Abby and Connor, as their hair has grown and Connor has a beard. By the looks of it, Abby and Connor have emerged from an anomaly, where the ARC soldiers are watching, so they put their guns up at them and then they explain that they work for the ARC etc. They aren't with Danny though, so is he dead???

I'm now OFFICIALLY super-excited for series 4! Thanks again to Mr. Dalek.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

New cast members!

From Digital-spy:

Ciarán McMenamin, Alexander Siddig and Ruth Kearney are among the new faces joining the cast of Primeval, ITV has announced.

Last year, the Saturday night show was recommissioned for a seven-episode fourth run and a six-episode fifth under a new co-production deal between ITV and UKTV.

Hannah Spearritt (Abby Maitland), Andrew-Lee Potts (Connor Temple), Ben Miller (James Lester) and Ben Mansfield (Captain Becker) will be reprising their roles but the story sees the ARC recruiting new members to take the place of their alter egos after they became trapped in the past at the end of season three.

The premieres of seasons four and five of Primeval will be split between ITV1 and UKTV’s new entertainment pay TV channel Watch. ITV1 will be the first to broadcast season four in early 2011, while Watch will premiere the fifth run later that year, before ITV1 goes on to broadcast the season.

ITV's Laura Mackie said of the recommission: "We're delighted to have agreed this new deal with Impossible to return Primeval to ITV1. The innovative nature of this partnership will allow the show to maintain its high production values and deliver the fantastic programme that our viewers know and love."

Paul Moreton, Channel Head of Watch, added: "We are really excited to be part of this truly innovative deal that guarantees the continuation of this fantastically entertaining series.

"I know Primeval is going to be a massive hit with Watch viewers and the perfect complement to other popular sci-fi dramas such as Doctor Who and Torchwood."

Thanks Who for informing me of this news! I've been away for a few days.

Anyway, I've been researching these new peoples. Ciarán McMenamin has appeared in many programmes on the BBC and ITV, including Jonathan Creek, Demons, Pulling Moves and Silent Witness. He will be playing Matt, the new field leader.

Alexander Siddig has been in many films and programmes too, including Star Trek, Merlin, 24 and Waking the Dead. Alexander will be playing Phillip, who is a Scientist.

Ruth Kearney is less well known, but she has appeared in some programmes too. Ruth will be playing Jess, who will run operations from the ARC control centre.

Monday, 29 March 2010

News straight from Digi Spy

As usual I have nabbed some news of digital spy! Anyway here:

Production on the new series of Primeval is believed to be under way in Ireland.

IFTN reports that shooting began on March 22 and will continue until early November, when all scenes for series four and five are expected to have been completed.

Primeval was recommissioned for a seven-episode fourth run and a six-episode fifth last September under a new co-production deal between ITV and UKTV.

Hannah Spearritt (Abby Maitland), Andrew-Lee Potts (Connor Temple), Ben Miller (James Lester) and Ben Mansfield (Captain Becker) are among those returning as regular cast members. Meanwhile, Irish stars Ciarán McMenamin and Ruth Kearney have reportedly joined the show to play new characters Matt and Jess.

It is thought that the new run will pick up "several months" after the series three cliffhanger, which saw Connor and Abby stuck in the distant past with no idea of how to return home.

In an interview last year, Potts promised that there are "shocking" plots ahead for Primeval.

Sunday, 28 February 2010


I found this interiew on, its an interview with Adrian Hodges about Survivors, but there's also this bit on Primeval!

BE: Speaking of "Primeval," I wanted to ask you a few questions about that series as well.

AH: Sure!

BE: I was actually here when you guys kickstarted the series at the TCA tour.

AH: Two years ago, yeah.

BE: It's a great concept and great use of special effects.

AH: Oh, thank you.

BE: Now if I remember correctly…and I may not…the person who helped to design the show's creatures actually based them in some way on scientific fact or, at least, scientific speculation.

AH: Well, what happened was…Tim (Haines) is really a scientist, anyway. That's his background. He comes from a science background and a journalism background. Before he was a drama guy, he was a documentary guy, so the expertise that he brings to the show, apart from his storytelling ability, is in that area. And because he did "Walking with Dinosaurs," he really made himself an expert in the special effects area. I think Tim is probably ahead of anybody in England in terms of appreciation of what special effects and CGI can do. I mean, he knows about animatronics, too, but those are slightly out of fashion because of cost, and CGI is obviously in, and Tim is brilliant with CGI. I'll be the first to admit that that's his thing…and it's not mine! (Laughs) So we…yeah, obviously, we kind of muck about with the creatures and things, but their starting premise is always more or less true.

BE: To talk again about the whole nobody-is-safe thing, man, Douglas Henshall's departure from the series…? Talk about startling!

AH: Yeah, well, it was meant to be! (Laughs) One of the things that can happen with a show like "Primeval" is that, because you're dancing with death every week and being saved by the skin of your teeth, the audience begins to get lazy about thinking that there's no real danger, that it won't actually be real. And it was particularly kind of shocking to me that he would die at the end of a gun, because…it's not a dinosaur in the end, it's his crazy ex-wife with a gun. And that worked. That was always the ending I imagined for him. I always knew that Helen would be the end of him. It was not intended to be so early in that season, however, but unfortunately that was how it worked out with Douglas, because he wanted to go on and do different things, so we brought it in early in the series.

BE: How thrilled was he about his demise?

AH: He was great about it. He wanted the character to die. He didn't want to just step through the anomaly and maybe reappear one day. He wanted it, so he was fully behind it and was okay with that. When he told us that he was going to move on, it was a big shock, because I thought that he was going to do the whole series, and it was very late in the day and we'd done a lot of storylining at that point, so we had to really reconsider everything pretty sharpish. But he was cool, and I said, "Look, you know, I think Cutter's going to have to die, because it's better from a storytelling point of view. I've got to give him that, because I can use that legacy in the drama for the rest of the series." And he was absolutely on the side of that. He was cool about it.

BE: So what's the status of the series? Is there going to be another series? And is there going to be a movie? Because I know there's been talk about it for awhile.

AH: I hope there'll be both! There will be another series, yeah. There's going to be 13 more episodes, which we start shooting in March, so I'm right in the middle of that when I get home. We'll start…I imagine they'll start transmitting in the UK early next year, so it's probably right about the same in America. It's a longer gap than I would've wanted, but unfortunately there was a problem with ITV, and it took us awhile to get it sorted out. The film, I'm afraid, is just endless. It's… (Sighs) Man, you know, my whole life is ticking by during these negotiations! (Laughs) There is still every intention of doing it, but we are still not completely finished with the deal with Warner Brothers, and the guy who's writing it…oh, now it's gone out of my head for a second, but…oh, Akiva Goldsman! He's absolutely cool, he wants to do it, he's very, very keen. We talk to him on a fairly regular basis. But it has been a living nightmare trying to get a deal sorted out. But I think we're nearly there.

BE: When you do that, is that going to be moving on from the series, or will it be a different tale altogether?

AH: Yeah, it will be a different tale, but that's going to be an interesting question, because what we have to do with Akiva when the deal is finally signed is sort out the parameters of where he can go with it and where we can't let him go because it would ruin the franchise. So, clearly, we don't expect him to follow the storyline of the TV show particularly, but we do expect him to make it possible for us to come back to the TV show intact. He can't do something with the big-screen version that would make ours completely wrong, you know? So we have a three-month option with him at the outset whereby he comes to us with his story ideas, and Tim and I have the right to say "no" if that doesn't fit with what we want to do with the show. I mean, I hope we won't have to say "no," but Akiva understands that, and he's known that from the beginning, so it would be pretty silly if he came and said, "Oh, we're going to do it completely differently."

Well there you go, if you lurve survivors then you may want to check out the interview here.